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The Disney Jewellery Guide

Remember the joyful feeling of watching classic Disney films growing up? Now you can carry that happy nostalgia with you every day. Discover our Disney jewellery guide, created to help you find the perfect gift for yourself or your fave Disney fan.


From Lion King necklaces to Minnie Mouse earrings, Disney’s latest collection, Disney Treasures, is designed to bring a touch of enchantment to any outfit. Discover iconic characters like Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh, with jewellery pieces that have been crafted to embody the values of those cherished characters that we just love so much. Explore our Disney jewellery gift guide today and make someone's dreams come true this Christmas.

The Lion King Jewellery

Embody the triumphant values of Simba and his clan through the sentimental designs of the Treasures collection. Their diamond earrings with yellow gold accents show grace and strength. The diamonds of each piece symbolise courage, while the yellow gold accents signify inner power. Gifting a Lion King necklace or bracelet to a loved one, whether it’s your bestie or sis, will remind them of their own power. Represent the bond between you both, and let them know they’re a fearless queen, capable of overcoming any challenge.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jewellery

Amongst the wonderful Treasures collection, the sparkling Nightmare before Christmas ring stands out as a true gem. This petrifyingly pretty ring captures the essence of the iconic Spiral Hill that Jack and Sally embrace upon. The intricately carved band replicates the haunting landscape with delicate black diamonds. This ring is more than just a piece of jewellery - it’s a symbol of the magic and wonder that surrounds the film. Wear it proudly and let your love for The Nightmare Before Christmas shine bright.

Nightmare before christmas ring

101 Dalmations Jewellery

The 101 Dalmatians silver and diamond pendant shows the spirit of adventure, just like Pongo and Perdita. Unleash your inner explorer with their necklace which has black diamonds that we can’t get enough of. This unique piece captures the spirit of daring values, reminding you to embrace the beauty of life's adventures. Gifting this to a loved one is a symbol of courage, loyalty, and the joy of discovering new horizons together.

The Aristocats Jewellery

The Aristocats jewellery collection celebrates the importance of family bonds in a delightful way. By gifting a diamond Marie-shaped ring or super cute necklace featuring Thomas and Duchess sharing a romantic moment, it symbolises the eternal love between partners. The mother-of-pearl sunset represents the warmth and beauty of a shared life together. It serves as a timeless reminder of the cherished bonds within a family, making it a truly meaningful piece.

Winnie the Pooh jewellery

Winnie the Pooh jewellery is like a sparkly symbol of friendship and love. It's all about those snuggly moments and lifelong bonds. Tigger and Piglet’s diamond necklaces radiate the same friendship values that Pooh and his friends share in their playful stories. Pooh's warm and caring spirit will guide you through meaningful connections with the balloon pendant, with the speciality cut garnet stone reminding us all of the importance of true friendship. When you gift someone Pooh jewellery, it's like saying, "You're my honey pot, and I treasure our friendship," bringing smiles, warmth, and joy.

Mickey Mouse jewellery

The enchanting story of Mickey and Minnie Mouse jewellery captures that feeling of love and joy. A Mickey Mouse necklace is the ultimate gift for a top Disney fan, and the treasures collection has so many to choose from, from ruby to aquamarine diamonds. The iconic ear design pendants mirror their timeless bond, reminding you of magical moments. With charming and intricate details, these pendants become symbols of affection, making them the perfect piece for Mickey and Minnie’s number one fans.

Disney treasures are like magical keepsakes that capture the essence of our favourite characters and stories. They go beyond just being adorable collectables and showcase all the warmth and love that radiates from those characters. But what makes them truly special is how they take it a step further. Each Disney treasure tells a tale that expresses the values of life. Whether it's bravery, kindness, or following your dreams, these treasures teach us important lessons in the most enchanting way. They remind us to believe in ourselves and to spread joy and happiness wherever we go.

With Disney treasures, we can keep the magic alive in our hearts forever. So discover the most magical Disney jewellery with us today, for a gift that will make hearts sparkle.