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Minnie Mouse Jewellery


Disney Treasures

Sparking singalong music and cherished memories, the Disney Treasures collection.

Exclusive to H. Samuel, this collection has been crafted to bring some of the most recognised and beloved Disney to life. Whether it’s Mickey, Winnie, or one of the Aristocats (it’s Marie for us), everyone has a favourite. Step into a world of wonder and splendour. Discover a wondrous collection that will transport you to the land of fairy tales and beloved characters. The Treasures collection takes the essence of every Disney tale; be it adventure, triumph, family or love. Immerse yourself in the whimsy of our silver opal Mickie Mouse pendant, perfectly crafted to capture the can-do spirit of our timeless icon. Unleash your inner Cruella de Vil with black diamonds adorning the stunning 101 Dalmatians silver necklace. Or carry the uplifting spirit of Carl and Ellie's love story close to your heart with our beautiful Up multi-gem pendant. Designed to revive the magic of these iconic films, the Disney Treasures collection unites style and sentiment, so you can find the piece that’s uniquely suited to you and what you value most. Discover the enchanted world of Disney jewellery, where dreams come alive and magic sparkles in every gemstone. Relive cherished childhood memories as beloved characters come to life in each sentimental piece. Shop online today and discover your next beautiful gift to yourself or your loved one.



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