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visual search

Snap. Browse. LOVE!

New Visual Search makes it easy to find the jewellery you've been searching for.

Visual Search

Finding your desired jewellery or timepiece has never been easier than with the new visual search tool at H.Samuel. So, what is visual search? Visual image search allows you to easily find items you're looking for in a few simple steps. If you have an image of a specific style of jewellery or watch you want, you can upload this into our tool which will then bring back the most similar results on our site. Try it now!

visual search step 1

Step 1

Take a photo of a piece or collection of jewellery or upload a saved image into the Visual Search tool.

visual search step 2

Step 2

The tool will look at your image for its defining features, then search our site for similar jewellery.

visual search step 3

Step 3

You'll see your results. You can then refine by category, gender and price to focus on what you love.

Here's How You Can Use It

iphone taking picture of jewellery

Seeking the Similar

Spot a stunning bracelet across the room? Take a snap, and you're on your way to search for your own.

man wearing signet ring

Helping Them Gift

Adore your nan's vintage ring? Take a pic, and inform friends on searching visually for gift ideas.

woman wearing a watch and rings touching her hair

Completing The Look

Need help finding earrings to match your favourite necklace? Use Visual Search to find a perfect pair.

person using mobile phone with a coffee

Setting The Price

It's time to find your favourite ring styles and fit your budget, upload a pic & use the price filter.