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Introducing Our New Colour Gemstone Collection

This one’s for the colour lovers. Energise your stack with jewellery in the ultimate bright and bold palette. Discover beautifully cut gemstones, each with their own unique meaning – and made to layer. Shop the brand-new and exclusive Colour Love Rocks.

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What’s Your Colour Crush?

With different personality traits associated to each Colour Love Rocks style, find out which one best represents you.

Olivia: Known for bringing peace and harmony, you deliver serious zen. With a soothing and easy presence, you can be relied on every day.

Iris: A bundle of energy and fun, you bring a whole lot of colour into everyone’s lives. Happy, bouncy, and boisterous, everyone’s guaranteed a good time when you’re with them.

Bella: With a name that means beautiful, it’s no surprise you’re physically blessed. For you to feel happy inside, things must be just right on the outside too.

Cleo: There’s never a dull moment when you’re close by – you’re known for getting the party started. From your personality to your style, you demand to be noticed.

Lucy: Warm and generous, you bring a lot of light into people’s lives. A people-pleaser who enjoys making others smile and be happy – the sort of company nobody can never tire of.

Willa: Strong, powerful and independent, you know what you want and will move mountains to get it. You’re incredibly loyal and will look out for people when they’re at their lowest, the type of person everyone needs in their corner.

Naomi: You’re gentle, sensitive and compassionate, which means you tend to feel everything more deeply and can sometimes be easily hurt. You’re always trying to make your life more peaceful and loving.

Lola: Strong willed at all times, you’re known for always believing you know best. You’re on hand if anyone needs advice and will readily ride into battle to protect the ones you love.

Lily: You have an incredibly warm personality and because of your pure intentions, you’re a magnet for others.

Cara: Friendly, outgoing and assertive, it’s easy to see why you have friends all over the place. People are always interested in what you’re going to do next.

Discover The Power Of Our Colour. Love. Rocks. Gemstones

In need of some good vibrations? Look to Amethyst for a boost. It’s a gemstone said to promote a positive mental attitude. Bad vibes be gone.

If you’re after a little sunshine in your life, Citrine may help lift your mood. It’s believed to support emotional wellbeing and clear away any negative energy.

Whether you’re in a relationship or just focusing on a little bit of self-love, tourmaline promotes love in all its forms. The gemstone is also believed to help reduce anxiety.

Said to ward off evil, Garnet is perfect for bouncing negativity back to any frenemies. Plus, it promotes hope and courage during tough times.

Blue Topaz
You probably know that Blue Topaz is all about serenity and tranquillity, making it great for calming any fiery frustrations.

Rose de France
This gemstone doesn’t just look pretty – it can enhance dreams and spiritual connection, too. And when you’re feeling anything but relaxed, Rose de France amethyst is here to get you through stressful situations.