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Ring Repair Services

We know how important it is to keep your ring sparkling. From cleaning and polishing to resizing, repairs and stone resetting, our expert jewellers will bring back its brilliance so you can continue to love it for years to come.

How It Works

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1. Select Your Care Package


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2. Repair By An Expert

Repairs are completed within 10 working days. Stay updated on your ring’s progress with our Repair Tracker.

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3. Collect From Store

After a final polish and inspection, your ring will be sent back to your local store, and we’ll send you a text when it’s ready to collect.

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4. Compare The Before And After

At collection, view the ‘before’ images so you can see the amazing work of our artisans.

Care Packages

Want your style to keep you smiling for longer? Choose from one of our three care packages to give your ring the TLC it deserves.

REFRESH – The daily grind can take its toll on stones and precious metals, causing scratches and dulling their shine. Bring back the sparkle with our specialist cleaning and polishing service.

RESTORE – Everything in the REFRESH package, PLUS resizing, reshaping and repairing breaks.

REFURBISH – Everything in the REFRESH and RESTORE packages PLUS stone and setting checks, replacing or repairing claws to secure stones and replacing smaller stones or diamonds.

Job Refresh Restore Refurbish
Tighten Stones
a) High Polish
b) Brush
c) Matted
a) Rhodium
b) Antique
Half Shank
Full Shank
Repair Break in Shank
Solder Togetder
Retip Claws
Rebuild Claws
Straighten Claws
Replace Accent Diamonds
Set Stones
Head and Set
Remove Stones
Sizing Bar/Bumps


Care Package Silver 9ct 18ct/Platinum
Refresh £39.95 £49.95 £49.95
Restore £89.95 £129.95 £199.95
Refurbish £129.95 £249.95 £399.95

Can I send a ring repair away for a Care Package repair if the customer is using PC to pay for the repair?

No. The ring must be taken on as a single job that reflects the damage that has occurred as per the current process. A Care Package must not be selected as a repair job where the payment method is PC.

If a customer is booking in a standard ring repair and just wants a single job, not a Care Package, can I still take the repair on?

No. If the customer wants to book a ring in for repair and the job they want falls within a Care Package, you must take it on as the appropriate package.

Are centre/main stone replacements booked in as a Care Package?

No. The ‘Refurbish’ package covers small accent diamonds only. All centre/main stone replacements must be taken on as an estimate.

What are the lead times for Care Packages?

Lead time will be 10 working days for all Care packages.

Are Care Package repairs guaranteed?

Yes, all repair work is guaranteed for 12 months. The only element not guaranteed is cosmetic work such as cleaning, polishing, and rhodium plating, as this wears at a rate specific to the customer.

Is 22ct and Palladium covered in the Care Packages?

It’s not covered in the initial trial but will be reviewed before roll-out to the full estate. Rings of any metal type other than silver, 9ct, 18ct, or platinum should continue to be taken on as the appropriate single job type.

What is classed as an accent stone?

Stones under 10points; anything bigger than those should be taken on as an estimate.

Does the replacement of accent stones include coloured stones?

At present, the Care Packages only cover replacement of accent diamonds. If your customer has a ring that requires replacement of coloured accent stone this will need to be taken on as an estimate.

Can I use my staff discount on a Care Package repair?

Yes, staff discount is applicable to Care Packages repairs at the price of the Care Package less 30%. As always, staff discount is only available if you have not exceeded your maximum spend for the calendar year, as detailed in the Staff Discount Policy.