Birthday Guide

Birthday Gift Guide

For over 150 years, H.Samuel has been helping you say it better with birthday gifts from our range of jewellery , watches and gifts. The one stop shop for every birthday, H.Samuel continues to introduce new brands, trends and classic styles for all ages.

Everything you need to know

We have a wide range of men's gifts and ladies' gifts suited to all budgets. Whether you're shopping for a sweet 16th or the big 50, we've created guides for those milestone birthdays to help you find the best gift for that someone special.

Precious Moments

You will find everything that you want and need to know in this easy-to-follow guide, so have fun shopping; enjoy the guide and buy your jewellery confidently with H Samuel.

16th Birthday Gift Guide

Gift Guide for 16th Birthdays

At sixteen, there's wide variety of gifts that will be appreciated and our gift ideas will surely make a sixteenth birthday, that much sweeter.
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18th Birthday Gift Guide

Gift Guide for 18th Birthdays

18th birthdays are special for everyone, it's a perfect chance to give a special gift or a piece of fine jewellery to mark the crossover into adulthood.
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21st Birthday Gift Guide

Gift Guide for 21st Birthdays

As young adults turn 21, their tastes and personal style become much more apparent and it's a time when one truly begins to feel like an adult.
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30th Birthday Gift Guide

Gift Guide for 30th Birthdays

Thirtieth birthdays are a wonderful time, where one can look back on their years and celebrate life achievements as well as coming of age.
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40th Birthday Gift Guide

Jewellery Gifts for 40th Birthdays

40th birthdays are a great opportunity to give a special gift that carefully considers the recipient's specific tastes and lifestyle.
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50th Birthday Gift Guide

Jewellery Gifts for 50th Birthdays

50th birthdays open up a range of meaningful gift options, taking their personal style, interests and hobbies into consideration.
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Birthdays ComingOfAge Gifts Guide

Coming of Age Gifts

The passage from childhood to adulthood is a timeless tradition in many religions and cultures, that celebrate with different rituals and parties.
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