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The Ultimate Guide to Birthstones

We’re sure you’ve heard that birthstones are having a hot moment (one long moment) in the world of jewellery, but what does your birthstone really mean? We’ve put together our go-to birthstone guide for everything you need to know.


The birthstone trend has been hitting up our Instagram feeds for the last couple of years, but the actual significance of birthstones dates back centuries. To show our appreciation for these beautiful gems, we've pulled together the ultimate guide about the much-loved accessory.

History Of Birthstones

Like most traditions, birthstones have evolved over time and although they have a deep-rooted history, the tradition of wearing these stones began around the 16th century. As birthstones became more popular and well-known worldwide, the more modernised concept of each stone representing a specific birth month was introduced. However, the list of twelve gemstones assigned to each month has changed over time.

Birthstone jewellery

Birthstones By Month

In 1912, the National Association of Jewellers wanted to clear any confusion about the precious gems and released the official list of modern birthstones. So, what are the birthstones for each month?

What Do Birthstones Mean?

While birthstones are clearly beautiful and add a finishing touch to every look, they're also thought to be benefits to wearing them. Some say that your birthstone jewellery will bring good luck, health, and protection, and each stone has its own unique meaning.

  • Loyalty and friendship – garnet and aquamarine gemstones

  • Everlasting love and passion – diamonds and ruby gemstones

  • Peace and happiness – amethyst and topaz gemstones

  • Good fortune – emerald and peridot gemstones

  • Purity – pearls and opal gemstones

  • Rarity and integrity – sapphire and tanzanite gemstones

Birthstone jewellery

Birthstone Jewellery

We all love to celebrate what is special to us, and birthstones do exactly that. Each gemstone holds its own unique meaning, which makes birthstone jewellery much more than just stylish and colourful. Birthstones are personal and represent the important things in life from love and peace to happiness and health.

Whether you choose a gorgeous pair of birthstone earrings to gift the special mother figure in your life on Christmas Day, a birthstone necklace for your bestie’s birthday, or a birthstone bracelet to celebrate the birth of a baby, birthstone gifts show that thought has gone into the present, and it’s the thought that counts, right?

Birthstone gifts are ideal for every occasion, from birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries and more, as they offer the perfect personal and meaningful touch.

Now that you know the meaning behind your birthstone or that of your loved ones, you can confidently choose the perfect gem to suit the occasion. We love talking top tips and trends, so book an appointment online or in-store to speak to our team, who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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