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Diamonds and The 4 C's

Diamonds are often the most significant gemstone you'll ever purchase, usually forming an engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary gift, or other symbolic pieces of jewellery. The process of buying a diamond can often be a daunting one, as such a wealth of information on this most precious of gemstones can lead to a lot of confusion.

However, it is unlikely that you will ever research a diamond and not come across the term 'The 4 Cs' which refers to what has been agreed as the four key factors that determine the value and quality of a diamond. Below, we have outlined the 4 C's (cut, colour, clarity and carat) in what we hope is the simplest, yet fully informative way possible, to help you with your diamond buying journey.

Understanding the 4C's. Cut


A diamonds cut refers to its proportions and finish, influencing the value of a diamond. The cut should not be confused with shape, which refers to the finished diamond shape.
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Understanding the 4C's. Colour


A traditional diamond is considered to be a ‘white’ stone, although they can actually be found in many colours, such as pink and yellow.
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Understanding the 4C's. Clarity


Clarity is the level of flawlessness a diamond. It refers to the level of imperfections, which differs hugely, making individual diamonds as unique as a fingerprint.
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Understanding the 4C's. Carat


The term ‘carat’ refers to the weight of a diamond, and not the size. Many people consider the carat to be the main factor that determines the value.
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