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Wedding& Bridal sets Guide

The first step in wedding planning is choosing the engagement ring. It can be high pressured finding the ring that will sweep her off her feet. Shopping for a wedding band might not be easier, especially if you want to match the exquisite engagement ring you spent days or weeks hunting for.

You will be relieved to know, there’s a simple fix to choosing the right engagement and wedding ring. If you aren’t one for creativity and don’t have a clue how to choose matching or contrasting rings – opt for a wedding set or bridal set, where all the work will be done for you. Thank goodness!

The difference between wedding sets and bridal sets:

Bridal sets include: A set of two rings - an engagement ring and a wedding ring for HER only – hence the word ‘bridal’

Wedding sets include: A set of three rings - an engagement ring and wedding ring for her and a wedding band for HIM.

In some places, the term ‘wedding set’ is used to refer to bridal sets as well, which can get confusing for you and the jeweller – so make sure you clarify that they understand what you mean, when referring to either sets. At H.Samuel, we have kept it simple with an exquisite range of bridal sets from our exclusive brand Perfect Fit.

Narrow down the choices

Shopper research suggests that unlike women, men don’t like to browse; they know exactly what they want so can make the purchase in limited time, with no fuss. For this reason, wedding sets and bridal sets are appealing to men because it narrows down their choices and takes the pressure out of finding matching rings.

Affordable quality

Wedding bands were traditionally plain metal, but modern fashion-led wedding rings are being inlaid with diamonds and gemstones, with this look being pioneered by bridal sets. Wedding and bridal sets come at one price – kind of like an all inclusive deal. So if you set a separate budget for the rings, you can combine them into one. You may find that the combined sets fit well within your budget, so you may have a little room to stretch!

Bridal Set Styles

Bridal sets often offer bigger looks as the wedding band will be designed to enhance the appearance of the engagement ring and fit against the central stone. The set is designed for the wedding band to slide under the engagement ring, further steadying the ring on her finger.

Although it’s a practical choice, it’s no less romantic! A stunning bridal set will offer the ultimate in glamour during your engagement and then when you add the second ring on your wedding day.