Wedding Gift Guide

Thanking the Wedding Party

Wedding Gift Guide Thanking the Wedding Party

Show appreciation with a special gift for your bridal party to thank them for all of their support of your wedding. Your bridal party has or will put in a lot of time and effort to be involved in one of the most important events of your life. So give them a gift that will not only remind them of the wedding, but of the special relationship that you share.

Who and what?

The gift you give, depends on the tone of your wedding, whether it's formal or informal, religious or worldly. You can also base gifts on whether the setting of your wedding is in your hometown or abroad.

There's no real definition of a 'bridal party', it can include whoever you think is appropriate. Some only include attendants on the bride's side, while others encompass everyone from the flower girl, ring bearer and groomsmen to the parents of the bride and groom, depending on your culture and traditions. The best way to tackle the gift giving is to do it together, it can be one of the first tasks you share as a married couple – it'll be fun!

For the ladies

For big weddings, you may have several bridesmaids, your maid of honour, the mother of the bride and perhaps a flower girl or two. From the day he proposes, your maid of honour and bridesmaids drive full speed into the planning of showers and hen parties, and may even support important decisions such as attending your food tastings and dress fittings.

Jewellery is a timeless gift for all the girls and women in your party to enjoy, as are adornments and keepsakes. Think about their bridesmaids' dresses, you could pick a gorgeous pendant or a pair of glamorous diamond earrings, to go perfectly with their dresses. Jewellery is a great gift as it's something they can keep and wear again.

You may like to choose a gift to match the tone of your wedding. Pearl gifts are beautiful and appropriate for a formal wedding, and charm bracelet with beads to match the colour theme of your wedding are a great gift idea for a more casual wedding. Think jewellery for flower girls or junior bridesmaids too! Age-appropriate necklaces or earrings will make the little ones feel grown-up and included.

Your maid of honour deserves something extra special, as she's been there through thick and thin, planning and running around to make your whole wedding experience special. Go above and beyond for her with personalised Jewellery to say "thank you" or engrave a word or phrase significant to the two of you. Rather than making it about the wedding, dedicate the piece you choose to the special relationship that you share.

For the gentlemen

Men are still less likely to go out and shop for jewellery themselves, so they may appreciate it. A striking pair of cufflinks is a classic gift that they can wear and keep, but it's also worth considering a simple chain or leather bracelet for a more casual gift, depending on the style of the wedding.

You may also like to consider a personalised flask or a polished glass tankard – depending on their age of course!

If you're looking for a gift for a special little boy, you can never go wrong with a personalised sweet jar or chocolate bar to thank them for their part in the wedding. In fact, little girls and probably many of the adults will love this gift too.

No matter who will be a part of your special day, they all will appreciate any gift that expresses your thanks for them being there for all the days leading up to the wedding and as you move forward in your married life.