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Quiz Time - Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's time to find the perfect jewellery gift for your sweetheart. Don't leave it until the last minute and choose something in a panic; give yourself plenty of time to find a gorgeous piece that she will absolutely adore.

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Why jewellery? Well, we strongly believe that one can never go wrong with the gift of fine jewellery. As well as its wonderful beauty and timelessness, it holds sentimental appeal and tells the recipient that she is truly someone special to you. Choosing a piece of jewellery will take time and thought, but the reaction on her face is sure to be priceless!

So, what kind of jewellery could you gift your Valentine on the most romantic day of the year?

When She's dressing for work:

A. If you've seen it on the cover of Vogue, she's got it in her closet and is pairing it with the highest stilettos she can find.

B. She's all business in a dressy-but-professional blouse and trousers.

C. Skinny jeans, ankle boots and a casual, loose fitted top that gives a peek at her shoulder tattoo.

D. A simple top, jeans and comfortable shoes; her office is casual and so is she.

it's Saturday date night! She wants to:

A. Be wined and dined and be seen.

B. Check out a restaurant that recently got a great review.

C. Stop in at her friend's art opening before hitting the local bar for some live music.

D. Make dinner together and watch something on Netflix.

A gift that went over well in the past might have included:

A. A luxury handbag from her favourite designer.

B. A high-end stand mixer with a cookbook.

C. Hand-knit beanie and leather journal.

D. A kindle loaded with great books for her to enjoy on long holidays and weekends.

When it comes to exchanging gifts, her motto is:

A. Go big or go home.

B. Something practical that shows some thought.

C. Show me you know who I really am as a person.

D. I like things that I want to have, but wouldn't necessarily spend my own money on.

How would you describe your budget?

A. Sky is the limit.

B. As long as it's worth it.

C. I can splurge for a special occasion.

D. it's the thought that counts.

Answer Key

For the demanding gift recipient, the stakes are high. For someone who enjoys the limelight and cultivates glamour, she'll love our Chocolate by Petite Le Vian range, with a delicious array of trendsetting jewellery crafted from 14ct Strawberry Gold®, Vanilla Gold®, or Honey Gold® and set with stunning gemstones including Sea Blue Aquamarine®, Raspberry Rhodolite® and Chocolate Quartz®. For something slightly more versatile, a diamond bracelet is simple enough to be worn with many different outfits, or take a look at different length gold chains studded with precious gems that she can layer to create a variety of looks.
This classy lady appreciates quality, good design and utility and believes they're worth a premium. she'll look great in a long rope of pearls that she can loop to fit her taste and mood, or a pair of classic diamond earrings featuring a favourite gemstone. A less typical gift might include a lovely brooch to add a touch of colour and charm to her professional attire. Finally, consider a beautiful new wristwatch, featuring a bracelet of precious metal and a face adorned with tasteful gems or mother of pearl.
She's not into the flashiest bling but still wants to make a statement with her wardrobe and personal style. For this gift recipient, consider a sterling silver or leather charm bracelet with an added charm that reflects something personal about herself and her interests. Another bold choice is a chunky, colourful ring that she can stack with others from her jewellery collection or wear on its own. She might also like a man's style watch scaled down to a woman's wrist size, such as the more substantial proportions and textures of a diver's watch but made just for her.
Just because she keeps it simple doesn't mean she can't appreciate a well-chosen accessory. Any woman knows how to wear a classic pair of gold hoop earrings or studs with precious gems, perhaps her birthstone. Hoop earrings can also be found in different designs and textures, just in case you're worried about your gift seeming too "safe". You could also look into a charm bracelet with symbols of things she loves to show you selected this item with her very specifically in mind. Charm necklaces are an option too.