Birthday Guide

Gift Guide for 50th Birthdays

50th Birthday

By the age of 50, many people have defined their personal style, their range of personal interests and perhaps have a collection of some sort, opening up plenty of options for a meaningful birthday gift.

Traditional jewellery with a twist

Look into their style and add a special twist to mix things up a bit. If she's into pearls, avoid the classic set and opt for a longer strand of pearls that she can wrap, layer or knot. Coloured pearls are also becoming more fashionable and are worth considering.

The celebrant may want to upgrade a traditional jewellery piece that has shown some wear over time, so this is the perfect opportunity to splurge on something they'll appreciate. Think about her everyday jewellery such as a necklace or ring that she may want to change out for a something new.

Add a splash of colour

The big 50 is a great time to add a bit of colour to ones life with a colour gemstone piece. Pick their favourite colour and choose a gorgeous pair of simple stud earrings or pendant for someone who likes to keep it simple or a large stone ring or brooches for someone more elaborate.

If she likes a little flash, opt for a big gemstone ring. She can dress it up or down, and by choosing a colour and setting to match her personal style, it will find its way onto her finger more days than not. Viva colour has a great variety of styles in beautiful, vibrant colours.

Meaningful messages to last a lifetime

Affirmation jewellery or pieces with words of motivation are a brilliant gift for those who appreciate words of wisdom.

You could choose from a range of personalised jewellery, with an inscription of your own that has special meaning to the recipient. You're not limited here, there are lots of choices; you could engrave their birth date, children's names or phrase that's meaningful to the both of you. Charm bracelets that carry special meaning and still count as message jewellery, so a traditional open-link chain or a modern bead bracelet style could be a fun gift. You can begin the personalisation with themes based around their interests, family, travels or hobbies.

Simple beauty

Some women wear less jewellery because of their lifestyle or the nature of their jobs, but this doesn't mean you should avoid jewellery altogether. Every woman needs at least the jewellery necessities, so think about a pair of diamond solitaire earrings, or a pear shape pendant to add some polish to her look. If she does prefer more of a mark, perhaps for special occasions, creole earrings or a fashion bracelets will work well to enhance her look.

Watch upgrade

Classic watches can never go out of style and chances are the recipient may be looking for an upgrade to their everyday piece.

For professional men and women entering their fifties, time pieces from Bulova, Citizen or Rotary will be well received. If they're the sporty type, look at our range of watches that are best running, cycling and swimming.

Or choose something right on trend with a fashion watch or whatever you think will suit their personality. Whatever you choose will surely be a fitting marker for his or her 50th birthday.

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