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Gift Guide for 40th Birthdays

40th Birthday Gift Guide

By the time a person turns 40, a jewellery gift to add to their beautiful life-long jewellery collection will be much appreciated. It's likely they have established their career and built a family, meaning they have a fairly 'settled' lifestyle. At this point in life, they'll also have developed specific tastes and fashion styles.

Before purchasing a jewellery gift, consider their particular taste and lifestyle. Do they keep up with trends in modern fashion jewellery or do they prefer vintage, traditional pieces? Does their job require them to use their hands a lot? If the recipient is married, think about choosing a piece that will complement their wedding jewellery.

Enhance the classics

By the time a woman turns 40, it's likely that she has accumulated many, if not all, of the basics in her jewellery wardrobe and may be keen to upgrade a few pieces. She might appreciate bigger diamond stud earrings or she may like to swap a simple diamond solitaire necklace for one in a unique setting.

If she wears pearls, you may want to enhance her pearl collection with coloured pearls or a pearl pendant.

Coloured gems

A stylish birthstone or colour gemstone piece is a wonderful gift for a 40th birthday. Celebrate with a gemstone gift based on her favourite colour and consider a setting she is most likely to love and wear.

If she wears minimalist jewellery, choose a pretty pair of stud earrings or a small gemstone ring that she can wear all day with any outfit. If she likes to wear different jewellery with different outfits, consider stylised drop earrings or a big, statement gemstone ring or necklace.

Focus on family

Many parents have completed their families by age 40 and the recipient may have small children. If so, consider a ring or simple jewellery set with the birthstone of each child or a personalised pendant with her children's names or initials. Depending on her style and personality, you could choose a pendant in the shape of a heart or angel then set her children's birthstones in the pendant, Open Hearts by Jane Seymour for example, can be customized with birthstones and engraving a message for an unbeatable combination of personalisation.

Provide personal inspiration

The recipient may be someone who appreciates positivity and words of wisdom, so a piece of jewellery containing encouraging, upbeat words could be the perfect gift.

Personalised jewellery with motivational words or sayings such as "believe," "live" or "love" engraved on them, are the epitome of message jewellery. You could choose between a bracelet, pendant or a ring with a fitting word engraved, depending on her personal style.

Tender a timekeeper

Watches are always appreciated as a birthday present, because one can never have too many and different watches can be suited to particular outfits and occasions. If the recipient currently wears an everyday watch, look into a stylish bracelet watch in the same metal colour that they can wear to spice up an outfit on evenings out.

If you carefully consider the recipients personal style and unique personality, the jewellery gift you choose to present them on their 40th birthday is likely to be worn and kept for years to come.