Birthday Guide

Gift Guide for 21st Birthdays

21st Birthday

As young adults turn 21, their tastes and personal style become much more apparent and it's a time when one truly begins to feel like an adult. Use this guide to help you choose the perfect gift for the new 21 year old.

Special birthstone piece

For the young woman turning 21, she may already have a piece of fine birthstone jewellery, but if she doesn't, consider a stylish pair of stud earrings or a pretty pendant necklace. If she already has a birthstone piece, think about how you could complete the set. Birthstone jewellery is personable to the year she was born so it's likely it will be kept and treasured for years to come.

Pendant necklace

Pendant necklace's are always a great gift for any occasion, one can never have too many and is a steady fixture in any young woman's wardrobe. If she has a classic, simple style, look into small diamond solitaire pendants or if she prefers colour, a coloured gemstone in a simple setting. She may have an elaborate style and could prefer something with more flair, so think about a unique setting with a larger gemstone in a vibrant hue.

Diamond solitaire earrings

Diamond solitaire earrings are a gorgeous, classic piece of jewellery – and they go with virtually everything! Whether she wears cocktail dresses, business attire or gym clothes, they work with any outfit and can easily been worn as everyday jewellery or kept for special occasions.

Gemstone ring

If she carries a unique style, coloured stone rings are the perfect way to celebrate her birthday with a burst of colour. With a range of styles, settings and stone qualities, you can choose something simple and elegant or big and bold – go with whatever you think will suit her personality.


Bracelets are a wonderful way to celebrate all birthdays as they are a brilliant way to dress up an outfit. Whether you choose a range of fine bangles or a large statement bracelet to stand on its own, wrist wear is sure to polish off any outfit, whatever their style. Consider a stylish bracelet-watch for something she can wear everyday.

Pearl necklace

Pearls are a gorgeous gift for the 21 year old that has more of a conservative style. A traditional single or double strand necklace can polish off an evening outfit beautifully, adding elegance and grace. A single pearl pendant is sweet and simple for a young woman who doesn't like too much fuss. You could even go a step further and customise your gift by looking into a variety of different pearl colours.


On top of their traditional function of telling the time, watches are now worn for the brand name or as a fashion piece. Case and strap materials can vary, from leather straps to stainless steel, yellow gold, rose gold tones to silver or coloured straps. The choices are endless, but just think about the recipients personal style and you'll be able to choose a suitable watch gift accordingly.

Jewellery for Him

If he has pierced ears or currently wears a chain, ring or bracelet, it's likely that he will appreciate a gift of jewellery too. There are a range of stud earrings, chain or dog tag and bracelets for men that will add a creative edge to his style.

Alternatively, he may appreciate a pair of personalised cufflinks to wear to work or for special occasions. We also have a range of other personalised men's accessories including lighters and wallets.

Whatever gift you choose to celebrate a 21st birthday, it's likely to be appreciated and a fitting marker for the special occasion. With careful consideration to individual style, the gift will be worn or used and treasured for years to come.