Birthday Guide

Gift Guide for 18th Birthdays

18th Birthday

18th birthdays are a special time for everyone, and are the perfect chance to a give truly special gift or a piece of fine jewellery to mark the crossover into adulthood.

When young men and women turn 18, it's likely that they'll appreciate and care for a piece of fine jewellery. You won't need to worry about them outgrowing it or losing it, so this gift can be kept and will symbolise this special occasion for years to come.

Celebrating a woman turning 18

A young lady turning 18 will appreciate a piece of jewellery she can treasure throughout adulthood. Use these ideas as inspiration for choosing a meaningful and lasting gift, all the while keeping in mind her unique taste and style.

Honour her birth month with a special birthstone piece…

A gorgeous pair of sparkling diamond stud earrings, a diamond solitaire necklace or even a simple, elegant birthstone ring would be fitting for a young woman and can be treasured for years to come.

Gift her with her first diamond…

Diamonds aren't just for engagement rings. A sophisticated diamond jewellery set is a perfect starter for your young woman's go-to jewellery wardrobe.

Keep it simple…

A woman's jewellery wardrobe is full of classic, highly appreciated pieces that will fit just about any budget. Beyond highly desirable diamond stud earrings, consider simple stud earrings (either all metal or with a different gemstone), a bracelet or an elegant pendant necklace. Consider the metal type carefully, as gold, silver or platinum will depend on the recipient's style, and your budget.

Give meaning…

If your new adult has a cherished charm bracelet from childhood, why not add a significant bead or charm to suit their interests and personality. If charm bracelets aren't her thing, she may still love a gift with a message. Consider a personalised pendant with a saying such as "believe," "dream" or "live."

Go bold…

Is the birthday girl full of dreams and does she like to make a statement? Give her a piece of jewellery that will bring any outfit to life. A big gemstone ring or statement necklace will certainly spark interesting conversations as she starts her life of independence.

Gifts for a boy entering manhood…

For young boys entering manhood, watches are always a great bet, and this year he will be ready for a watch with some weight. Consider a stainless steel watch with multiple functionalities. If he's planning to head to university or has embarked on a full-time job, consider a classic pair of cufflinks that he can wear when he graduates or to choose something he can wear to work.

If he has begun earning for himself, it may be time for him to be given a long-lasting leather wallet to keep his money and cards safe. You may even like to consider an engraved card holder.

Whatever gift you choose to commemorate the new adult's milestone birthday, it will certainly reflect the importance of the occasion and your joy at being a part of it.