Birthday Guide

Gift Guide for Sweet 16th Birthdays

16th Birthday

At sixteen, there's wide variety of gifts that will be appreciated and there's a chance that any fine jewellery gift will be a first. These special gift ideas will surely make a sixteenth birthday, that much sweeter.

We call it a 'sweet' sixteen for a reason. This age is a true sweet spot, situated at the cusp between childhood and adulthood. At sixteen, one can legally start working full time and embark on a life of independence.

When choosing a special gift for new 16-year-old's in your life, there's a strong chance any fine jewellery will be their first. Keep it classic and tasteful, and it will last a lifetime. Make it fun and trendy but true to their own spirit, and it will still be a favourite when they leave the nest. Use these ideas as inspiration for a gift that will be treasured:

Honour their birth month

Giving birthstone jewellery is a classic way to celebrate a birthday. Sixteen is still young enough that it's likely they won't have a piece of birthstone jewellery just yet. Help start their collection, with simple birthstone stud earrings or a pendant.

Sixteen and Proud!

Most teenagers are proud to round the corner of their sixteenth year. A personalised pendant with their name and age or birth date is a perfect gift for her to go with dress-up or casual wear. Alternatively, you could do the same with a personalised bracelet.

Celebrate with Gifts for Her

At 16, she's on the edge of womanhood but may still identify with the little girl she is at heart. That little girl may be your princess, in which case a pendant necklace, perhaps in the shape of a princess crown or heart would make a perfect gift. If she left the princess phase long ago or never even entered it, consider a sweet, simple ring, a stylish bracelet or a pair of gorgeous earrings.

Fit for a Sweet Sixteen Prince

If you're buying for a boy, don't rule jewellery out of the mix. In this day and age, a striking range of rings, necklaces and bracelets are finding their way into men's fashion. Cufflinks make a symbolic gift, reflecting the transition from a boy to a man. Similarly, a stylish fashion or modern classic watch is a timeless gift, that can be given to welcome a young boy into adulthood.

Give meaning

This is a great age to give personalised gifts or jewellery. Personalised sweets or chocolate is perfect for the teen with a sweet tooth. Inscribing their name, age or birth-date on a personalised keepsake is a great gift that they can treasure forever.

We also have a wide range of personalised initial pendants or beads and charms, or you can choose to spell out their name on a necklace with our personalised name plates, where you can add an extra special touch by adding a gemstone of their favourite colour, or their birthstone. If they're religious, consider a small cross or Star of David necklace.

Keeping it fun

Depending on the recipient's personality and your relationship with them, you may just want to keep it fun. Some other special gift ideas include:

As with any jewellery gift, always consider the recipient's personal style and wishes. With this, plus a little inspiration, whatever piece you choose will surely make turning 16 truly special.