Anniversary Gemstone Guide

Anniversary Gemstones and Jewellery

Silver and gold wedding anniversaries are well known, marking the milestones of twenty five and fifty years of marriage respectively. A gemstone anniversary list was endorsed by the Jewellers of America and many other gem associations, matching each anniversary year to a specific gemstone or metal. It differs from the traditional anniversary gift list, allowing you to get to the good gifts quicker – making anniversary shopping much easier and far more enjoyable!

16th anniversary: peridot

Peridot comes in various shades of green, but leans toward lighter, grassy greens. It pairs well with white metals, while yellow gold plays up the spring-like yellow undertones. Peridot is a fairly soft gemstone and can be prone to scratching, so take extra care with peridot rings.

17th anniversary: watches

Watches are a great gift for an anniversary to represent the timelessness of your love. If your spouse already has a watch, consider a similar style in a more prestigious designer brand. Or contrast their current style for a different, dressier look that they can wear on special occasions.

18th anniversary: cat's eye

When cut in the rounded cabochon shape, several gemstones can bear the straight line caused by tiny inclusions that catch the light in a way that creates the look of a cat's eye. The rarest gemstone that has this phenomenon is the chrysoberyl, but it can also occur in quartz, sapphire and ruby.

19th anniversary: aquamarine

As the name suggests, the best examples of aquamarine, look like the shifting colours of the Caribbean from pale to deep shades of blues and greens. As you pass the 19th year of marriage, it might be good to know that aquamarine has historically been a symbol of fidelity and hope.

20th anniversary: emerald

Emerald's beautiful deep green colour looks luxurious in all types of jewellery; however it has many split layers, making it fragile. The elegance of emerald rings makes it easy for it to be saved and worn on special occasions. Emeralds are often treated with oils, paraffin or resins to fill any gaps and improve clarity and hardeners may be added to increase its durability.