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Choosing an Anniversary Ring

Choosing an Anniversary Ring

Celebrating your anniversary is one of the perks of being married – as is receiving anniversary gifts! Anniversary rings are a popular choice of gift, and they're appropriate for any anniversary or special occasion, on any year. If you are adding an anniversary band to your collection of jewellery, you’ve got a few choices to make about how to wear it.

Which finger?

Deciding on how you want to wear your anniversary ring, is the first step to choosing your ring. You may have questions about how to wear an anniversary band with your other jewellery, especially your engagement and wedding ring. For maximum versatility, it's a good idea to coordinate all three rings by metal, colour and style. If you love your engagement ring and your wedding band and your anniversary ring, there’s no rule against wearing them all together!

You could even wear it on your opposite hand, either by itself as a statement piece or complementing another favourite ring. The best thing about an anniversary band is that it can be worn on any hand and on any finger – so ultimately you can go with whatever you think looks and feels best.

Metals, Settings & Proportions

Consider matching the metals of your anniversary ring with your wedding and engagement rings for a classic and easy-to-wear wedding set. Think about matching your setting style as well, whether your engagement is a four-prong setting, channel setting or a different style setting. The last technical thing to look into is the width and height of the band and setting. It's best to choose a ring with similar proportions so your rings sit together in perfect harmony.

Types of Anniversary Rings

As well as an anniversary band, you could opt for an eternity ring. Eternity rings are a beautiful way to express a lifetime of love and is often given on special occasions such as the birth of a child. The concept of a band set with diamonds and/or other stones in a continuous row (usually a channel) half or all the way around the band was popularised by De Beers in the 1960s.

Coloured gemstone rings are another fashionable way to mark an anniversary, and there are certain gems designated for specific years. Gemstones are easy to find in every style and price range, and you'll definitely be able to find one that you love – no matter your budget and style. Remember, if you are going to wear a gemstone anniversary ring on the same hand as your wedding and engagement rings, be sure to choose a coloured stone that will complement your other rings. If you don’t want to choose a coordinating color, you can always choose to wear the ring on your other hand.

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