Anniversary Guide

8th Anniversary

For your eighth wedding anniversary, celebrate the traditional way with bronze – a strong and durable metal, which reflects the ever-growing bond of your relationship. For this occasion, you could consider a small handmade figurine or statue crafted from bronze.

Bronze has a beautiful colour and gives off a warm glow, so you could choose from a variety of rose gold jewellery that can sometimes be similar to the colour of bronze. This is a great way to think outside the box and find a beautiful gift.

Linen or lace is the modern alternative for an eighth wedding anniversary present. Linen is the traditional gift on the fourth wedding anniversary, which is why it may seem familiar, and gifts can range from table cloths to new bed linen. You could also buy lace garments, or go for something more unique with a personalised wooden heart or candle with a beautiful lace and floral design.

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