Anniversary Guide

80th Anniversary – Oak-Diamond/Pearl

Your eightieth wedding anniversary is a huge milestone and a very meaningful time in your life – it is celebrated with a traditional gift of oak or a modern gift of diamonds and pearls.

Oak is considered a sacred tree in many religions and mythologies including Greek, Baltic and Slavic. It is a well-known symbol of strength and endurance, reflecting the life-long relationship you have built together over eighty years.

Celebrate this noble milestone with a romantic oak photo-frame, filled with your favourite picture of both of you together.

You may prefer the modern approach, which is diamonds and pearls. These are some of the most beautiful and precious gems around; words you may use to describe your other half and your relationship! We have a beautiful and extensive range of diamond and pearl jewellery, to suit every style and budget, making it the ultimate gift for your one and only.

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