Surprising her with an Anniversary Ring

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditionally, linen is given as a gift on your fourth wedding anniversary, but what has linen got to do with a relationship? Linen is a good absorber of water, so it's symbolic of how well your marriage can absorb any issues. Linen also has anti-allergic properties, which represents the level of protection that a couple has for each other. So, what should you buy as a gift for your loved one if choosing linen?

Why not buy something you can both enjoy, such a luxury tablecloth for your dining room, or some new bed linen? If you'd rather buy a gift specifically for your spouse, opt for quality linen garments that will keep your partner feeling cool and fresh in hot weather and warm when it turns cooler.

Fourth year wedding anniversary gifts are practical as well as symbolic. Modern couples may prefer to buy appliances to help make married life easier. Look into items you don't have but might enjoy, such as coffee machines, filtered kettles, microwave ovens or instant juicers.