Anniversary Guide

49th Anniversary – Luxuries

Your forty-ninth wedding anniversary should be celebrated in the right way – with luxuries. Luxuries can be anything that gives you the feeling of ultimate indulgence, comfort or pleasure, so celebrate the quality of your marriage with something that feels wonderful to you, whatever your budget.

Diamonds are the epitome of luxury, so look into various bits of diamond jewellery such as, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. Alternatively, Modern classic watches are often reasonably priced but offer a level of stylish sophistication, with a look of opulence that your other half will love.

For an extra level of refinement, choose a piece of personalised couples jewellery, where you can add beautiful inscriptions of both of your names. Or try engravable jewellery, where you can add further inscriptions, and mark the special occasion with your anniversary date.

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