Anniversary guide

1st Anniversary

Historically, the traditional first year wedding anniversary gift is paper. The strength of the interlocking fibres of paper was thought to represent the strengthening of a relationship as a couple reach their first milestone. However, grabbing a couple of sheets from the printer and handing that over to your partner with a bow on it probably won't go down very well.

Nonetheless, there are various ways you can present a very suitable gift if you want to stick to tradition. Try a personalised notebook or a photograph of the two of you set in a beautiful frame. You could keep it simple with a sweet little love letter, or poem written on decorated paper.

Clocks have now become the modern first year anniversary gift to show the endless love and time you will spend together as a couple. So if you fancy a more modern approach, a perfect gift would be an on trend fashion watch, a sleek modern classic watch , or a stylish pocket watch. Some wall or table clocks have beautiful designs, so they are definitely also worth considering.

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