Anniversary Guide

12th Anniversary

Silk or fine linen, is traditionally given on the twelfth wedding anniversary. Silkworms create cocoons made entirely of raw silk, using it as a layer of protection and security. This makes silk the perfect symbolic gift for this anniversary. Gaia bracelets offer a range of fine silk bracelets that would make a gorgeous gift for her. Gaia is a young British brand, offering customers handmade jewellery made from the finest materials, making it a great way to express your love for your partner.

Precious pearls and coloured gems are the modern gift choice. Celebrate twelve years of wedded bliss with cultured freshwater pearl pendants or earrings. Pearls are elegant and sophisticated, available in various colours and designs. If you'd prefer a freshwater pearl bracelet there are many style options, either simple and classic, or with a touch of glamorous sparkle, that should suit all tastes.

Coloured gemstones also fall into the modern gift choice for a twelfth anniversary, so you may want to consider an anniversary ring with a coloured gemstone as a fashionable way to celebrate your twelve year milestone. Take a look at our Gemstone Buyer's Guide for a better idea of what to look into, when shopping for gemstone jewellery. If you want to be even more meaningful, you could pick your partners gem birthstone to make an extra special gift to treasure.

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