Anniversary Guide

An Introduction to the World of Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary guide Introduction

When it comes to wedding etiquette, it can be stressful thinking about the details of what to do and what to avoid and to some extent, the same can be said, when purchasing wedding anniversary gifts. To make life easier for you, a list of gift suggestions has been developed over time to symbolize each year of wedded bliss – hurray!

When it comes to the anniversary gift list, the old saying that 'good things come to those who wait' is apparently true – the longer you stay married the bigger the prize! Okay, all cynicism aside, here's some information about the history of the profound list and how you can use it, to help you find the perfect gift to celebrate the day you said, "I do".

The history behind anniversary gifts

No one knows for sure who made up the traditional list of giving a specific anniversary gift based on the number of years a couple has been married. Some speculate it dates back to the Middle Ages in Germanic Europe, when silver and gold garlands were given by husbands to their wife to symbolize their 25th and 50th wedding anniversary respectively. Others say it was fueled by the Victorian era, when oral histories and traditions were more often catalogued.

The idea behind the list was for the value of the gifts to increase year after year, which reflected the strength of commitment and time a couple had spent together.

Later on, a second, more modern list was created. This new list swapped out traditional gifts for their more contemporary counterparts, with clocks being given instead of paper for the first anniversary, silverware in lieu of wood for the fifth, and so on. It is believed the thought behind the modern list was to give household items to the happy couple to help them build a new home together, an extension of a wedding gift. Luxury gifts, like diamonds and gold, were given further down the line when the couple had already acquired all of their essentials.

Traditional or modern; it's the thought that counts

You're probably wondering what all of this means for you. If you're concerned about making a major wedding anniversary faux pas by going either way, then don't worry! 'The List' was developed over time and was created with a lot of thought and meaning behind each gift inspiration. It is there to inspire, rather than limit you and help you choose a lovely gift that celebrates your love and commitment, year after year.