H.Samuel Metal Guide

Engagement Ring Metal Guide

There’s an art to choosing the ideal metal to suit the right piece of jewellery. Fortunately, we’ve got over 150 years’ experience in perfecting that art.

From precious metals (such as gold, silver and platinum) to alternative metals (like titanium and stainless steel), we’ll explore the differences and how they’re used to craft fine jewellery.

Everything you need to know

Our easy-to-follow Metal Buyer's Guide features the fascinating history of metals – and how to identify and recognise hallmarks. Plus, a simple way to understand gold carats, top tips on caring for your jewellery, and even information on alternative materials such as leather and crystal.

Capture the moment

We hope this guide helps you understand more about your jewellery purchase.

That’s what our 150 years of outstanding expertise means – whatever the occasion, whatever the reason, your jewellery can be bought with full knowledge and total confidence. It’s just what you’d expect from one of the nation’s favourite jewellers.

After all, the joy and emotion of the gift of exceptional jewellery is beyond price…