A guide to eternity rings

A guide to eternity rings

The eternity ring has long been a way to show a loved one what they really mean to you. But when do you get an eternity ring, what is the symbolic meaning behind it and where did this romantic tradition come from?

Here, we take a look at the eternity ring and discuss what makes it different from other pieces.

What does an eternity ring mean?

The eternity ring is a symbol of everlasting love and makes for a truly romantic gesture. Its circular shape - one unbroken band - signifies lasting love and commitment, making it the perfect gift to celebrate relationship milestones like wedding anniversaries.

Given what it represents, the eternity ring is just as treasured as an engagement or wedding ring. This trio of rings is usually worn together on the third finger of the left hand. Why? Because historically, it’s always been believed that a vein runs directly from this finger to the heart.

The eternity ring also represents the circle of life, which is why it's often seen as the perfect gift between couples when they welcome their first child into the world.

A whole lot of history

The touchingly romantic gesture behind the eternity ring dates back to ancient Egypt, when the husband would give one to his wife as a simple token of his love. Back then, the circle was hugely significant in hieroglyphics, representing eternity. The Egyptians were firm believers in the bond of marriage being so strong that even death couldn't break it, and so the eternity ring came to be - a physical symbol of that never-ending union between two people.

Whenever you choose to give an eternity ring to that special someone, you should be sure it represents an important time in your life as a couple, one you will cherish for the rest of your days together.

A couple's love for one another can even be immortalised when eternity rings are passed down to children and grandchildren as heirlooms. So the meaning behind them is every bit as romantic and sentimental as its name suggests.

Simple style or bold statement?

If you're considering buying a loved one an eternity ring, there are a few things you'll need to think about first, style-wise.

Most eternity rings feature a continuous band of sparkling diamonds. As one of the strongest, most precious substances known to man, diamond eternity rings are a popular choice.

However, many other precious stones work just as well and add a unique edge if you're looking for statement style. Because all gems have their own symbolic meaning, there's the option to choose a ring that's personal to its wearer.

Think about the 12 birthstones and their unique meanings, for example, or whether you're marking a particular wedding anniversary. Velvety blue sapphires, vibrant red rubies and dazzling green emeralds are just some of the stones that make for beautiful eternity rings.

You'll also need to decide whether you'd like a full eternity ring, usually a gold band with a continuous circle of stones, or a half eternity ring, which is made up of a continuous line of stones on the face of the ring.

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