Garnet Gemstone Guide

Garnet Gemstone

Garnet Gemstone

The word garnet comes from the Middle English word 'gernet' meaning 'dark red' and is thought to symbolize love, garnet is often recognised in jewellery as a rich dark red gemstone however there are many forms and colours. Traditional jewellery styles often set garnet in yellow gold including drop earrings and studs or classic rings, however the H.Samuel Candy Hearts range includes garnet combined with sterling silver for a more modern style or look. Garnet is the traditional birthstone for the month of January and garnet jewellery from H.Samuel makes a great gift for a January birthday.

Garnet colour

Although garnet is a dark coloured gemstone the brighter shades are more valuable. Size and clarity are also important when it comes to garnet. If the gemstone is flawless to the naked eye it has a higher clarity and is therefore more valuable. Size plays an essential part in valuing garnet, the larger the piece the higher the value, even if its colour is not of gem quality.

Sourcing garnet

The garnet gemstone is categorized in many different varieties and is sourced all over the world.

These are the 6 types of garnet that are sourced for jewellery. The different types are due to the different compositions of minerals and impurities found within them.

  • Pyrope garnet is the only form of garnet that is always red, created by iron within the gemstone. This type of garnet is located in Sri Lanka, Russia, and South Africa.
  • Almandine is the most common form of the gemstone and was popular in jewellery during Roman times. The colour of almandine ranges from deep red to violet and sometimes black. Sources include Russia, Pakistan and Connecticut US.
  • Spessartine also known as Mandarin garnet, is yellow to orange in colour due to the presence of manganese. This type of garnet is sourced in Sri Lanka, USA, Australia, Brazil and Madagascar.
  • Grossular garnet, is colorless in its pure state, it forms colour due to impurities. This type of garnet has been found in Tanzania and Kenya.
  • Andradite is found in central Russia. It gains its colour from impurities and comes in 3 varieties in colours black, vivid green and yellow - green.
  • Uvarovite has a stunning emerald green colour and is located Italy Turkey Russia and the U.S.

Caring for garnet

If you want to clean your garnet jewellery simply clean with mild soapy warm water and avoid harsh detergents. To keep your jewellery in its original condition always store away from other jewellery pieces to avoid damage such as scratching.

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