Amethyst Gemstone Guide

Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst is a gemstone, which comes from the quartz family and is known for its striking purple colour. Set in either gold or silver amethyst makes both elegant and stylish jewellery. Whether you're shopping for vintage style earrings, a modern cocktail ring, or perhaps you're on the lookout for a unique amethyst ring, H.Samuel has a wide range of amethyst jewellery to choose from. Amethyst makes a great gift for special occasions including February Birthdays as it is the birthstone for February, it is also the traditional gift for celebrating the 6th wedding anniversary. The stone is thought to represent luck and health.

Amethyst colour

Amethyst gemstones get their purple colour from the presence of iron. As with many other coloured gemstones the colour intensity is a way of determining the value of the gemstone. When measuring the colour of the gemstone, tone and hue are measured in primary and secondary hues. When you see amethyst set in jewellery it can be violet purple, lighter lilac or display lavender tones. In amethyst, primary hues are usually violet, light pinkish or purple and secondary hues are blue and red. The highest grade of amethyst is known as Deep Russian, which is deep purple with blue, or red flashes.

Caring for amethyst

Amethyst can lose its brilliance or tone due to a build up of oil and dirt. Take care of your amethyst jewellery by keeping it stored away from high temperatures to avoid discolouration. You can use a soft cloth to wipe it clean, if you want to wash it use mild soapy water and a soft brush, if required. When wearing your amethyst jewellery avoid using harsh detergents as they can change the appearance of the gemstone or effect its durability.

Sourcing amethyst

Once as valuable as rubies and diamonds, amethyst is now a more affordable jewellery option as it is found in large deposits in places like Brazil. It can also be sourced in Africa and in many locations in the U.S. The largest amethyst mine is located in North America in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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