Introduction to Gemstone Guide

Introduction to Gemstones

Intoduction to gemstones

Not only are gemstones stunning, they are incredibly fascinating! A gemstone is a mineral or naturally occurring material that is durable enough to be carved, polished and cut to create beautiful pieces of jewellery and lustrous adornments. Diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire are considered precious stones, while the other stones fit into a semi-precious category; however they are all as wonderfully beautiful as each other.

When choosing gemstones for jewellery, the eye catching colour is generally the most notable physical feature. Each stone has a unique crystalline structure and how this composition interacts with light determines the optical properties of each and every gem and the appearance of its colour. It is this uniqueness and the organic nature of gemstones that makes them so precious to own.

There are many traditions associated with the usage and giving of gemstones although these can differ by culture and many of their origins are unknown. For instance, many believe that the agate gemstone protects against the evil eye and pearls are for health, wealth and good luck.

At H.Samuel, we've thought about it all and put together this guide to give you information on the colours of gems, caring for your gemstone jewellery and even where stones are sourced from. Whether you are looking to give a birthstone piece of jewellery, commemorate an anniversary or add a special splash of colour to your wardrobe, we have a wide selection of gemstone jewellery that can help you say it better.

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