Technical Help

Understanding Diamond Engagement Rings

Technical Help

We know that the technical details about diamonds can seem quite complex and confusing, especially when all you want is the perfect engagement ring. That’s why these super-useful guides will help you set a budget and give you a better perspective on stone shapes and a diamond’s 4 C’s: colour, clarity, cut and carat.

Technical Help. Understanding the 4C's

Understanding The 4C's

As a heads-up, the 4 C’s refer to the universally agreed four key factors that determine the value and quality of every diamond – so it’s definitely worth knowing.
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Technical Help. Diamond Stone Shapes

Diamond Stone Shapes

The shape of a stone refers to its outline when viewed from above and is usually determined by the original shape of the rough stone. Read this and your knowledge will be a ‘cut-above’!
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Technical Help. Buying a diamond solitaire ring

Buying a Diamond Solitaire Ring

Simple, dazzling and timelessly elegant, it’s no wonder that diamond solitaire engagement rings are so popular worldwide. Discover more about this iconic symbol of commitment.
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Pure Brilliance

Discover which types of diamonds have the most sparkle – and why. It’s a dazzlingly good read!
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Technical Help. Setting The Budget

Setting The Budget

Everyone has different salaries, expenses and priorities. So setting a sensible budget for buying an engagement ring all depends on your lifestyle and personal choice. We’ll run through the best options for you…
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Technical Help. Ring Sizing

Ring Sizing

The all important ring size could make or break your proposal – but, don’t worry, we’ll explain how to ensure the perfect fit.
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