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The H.Samuel Guide to Birthstones

Diamonds are Aries best friend; sapphires can ignite Virgo's passions and topaz protect Sagittarians from negative energy. No matter your zodiac sign, birthstones are thought to bring about luck and protection. Get to know yours with the HS cosmic guide to birthstones and the zodiac.

06 May 2021 Editor - H. Samuel

Sure, you might be familiar with classic gemstones like diamonds, emeralds and rubies, but when you break down the birthstones by month, you’ll find that the precious stones go far beyond these, and they’re downright gorgeous, too. Curious to know your gem? Read on…

What is a birthstone and what do they mean?

If you’re looking to the stars for some positive energy, then birthstones are a good place to start. These gems are said to denote personality traits and have magical powers. However, birthstones are more than just gems that align with each month. Each of them has a healing property that connects with the signs of the zodiac.

Of course, none of this is new. Many different cultures and civilizations have dabbled with the idea that certain gemstones represent different months of the year or possess mystical (and medicinal) qualities. And in 1912, the American Association of Jewelers formalised a modern birthstone list and allocated a gemstone to each month.

Birthstones are big again – discover your colour

It’s a fact that we love jewellery. And a little personalisation always makes our favourite pieces feel that much more special. While personalised jewellery may not be an unfamiliar concept (thanks to Carrie Bradshaw and her nameplate necklaces), we’re seeing the return of a specific style of the trend: birthstone jewellery aka coloured gemstones. Why? Well, 2021 is all about jewellery with meaning, and birthstones are just that. They make the perfect birthday gift (obvs), the ideal anniversary present, plus they’re an eye-catching conversation starter as, let’s be honest: Who doesn’t love a brightly coloured stone as a unique fashion statement?

If you’re into wearing statement jewellery that feels specific to you without being as overt as wearing your name for everyone to see, then birthstone jewellery is your go-to. To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve pulled together the meanings behind each month and its unique stone and star sign. Curious to know which gem is your birth bling? Then, scroll down to find out.

Discover your birthstone by month and zodiac sign

January — garnet

As birthstones go, garnet might be the most misunderstood. Traditionally associated with a deep red colour, its name derives from Latin, and means ‘seed-like’, given its likeness to a pomegranate seed. However, the January birthstone actually comes in hues ranging from green to brown. Historically, it’s renowned for its ability to heal and protect – as well as faithfulness and loyalty – making it the perfect gift for the Capricorn or Aquarius in your life.

February — amethyst

February isn’t just about red, pink and love hearts. The purple hue of amethyst is associated with power, serenity and wittiness, which is why it’s the perfect match for Aquarius and Pisces. Both signs are known to be strong, authoritative, and regal. Not surprisingly then, that it holds pride of place in royal collections around the world — including the British Crown Jewels.

March — aquamarine

In March, the sun glides from compassionate Pisces to stormy Aries, which means that those born under either sign need calming energy to keep their tempers in check. Luckily, aquamarine — a pretty light blue colour — is said to calm emotions and represent happiness and courage (also making it the perfect ‘something blue’).

April — diamond

Aries and Taurus are the zodiac signs for April. With diamonds in their life, they can channel selflessness and — not surprisingly — love, as diamonds are a symbol of romance and commitment. This might explain why the Romans believed that Cupids arrows were tipped with diamonds.

May — emerald

May is a month that relaxes the mind making it open to new opportunities (because the sun moves from earthy Taurus to airy Gemini). Emeralds can ignite courage by balancing fidelity and independence. The Wizard of Oz, anyone?

June — pearl

Geminis and Cancerians can be the girl with the pearl earring, ring or necklace, for that matter. This iridescent gem is said to bring about a unique sense of integrity and nurturing, and — just like snowflakes — no two pearls are alike.

July — ruby

Dorothy had her red slippers, but we'd rather have a ruby gemstone. As the sun moves from sensitive Cancer to spirited Leo, it’s no surprise that rubies (thanks to its rich red hue) are known for desire, romance and devotion — all qualities associated with solid relationships. It makes sense then, that rubies are the traditional gift for 40th wedding anniversaries.

August — peridot

The sun moves from fiery Leo to earthy Virgo in August, which means that emotions need to be tempered. Peridot helps with positivity and calming (thanks to its mood-boosting lime green colour). It has also long been the go-to for unique, individual and think-outside-the-box characters. Why? Because peridot is one of the few coloured gemstones that only comes in one colour. It is all about shades of green.

September — sapphire

In September, the cosmic energy is all about friendship and fidelity (as the sun passes from Virgo to Libra). When it comes to sapphires, you couldn’t be blamed for instantly thinking of ‘that’ ring (you know the one we mean, clue: K-Midd’s fourth finger). Known as the ‘love’ birthstone, sapphires actually come in nearly every colour under the sun. But the stone is most well-known for its deep blue hue. And rightly so – the recipient of a sapphire jewel will surely feel like royalty.

October — opal

Libra and Scorpio are two October signs that focus on creativity and artistry. Opals ensure imaginativeness, as well as ingenuity. In 2008, NASA announced the discovery of opal on Mars. Since opals consist mostly of water, this led them to believe that Mars may have once supported life. Its nickname the ‘space stone’, now makes total sense.

November — topaz

Scorpio and Sagittarius season is definitely more of a treat than a trick. Often referred to as the ‘philosopher's’ stone, topaz is the ideal gemstone to connect with one’s spiritual and metaphysical sentiments. Which is why the month of November can be extra spooky (even though it comes after Halloween).

December — tanzanite

As the sun moves through the zodiac signs of spontaneous Sagittarius and cool-headed Capricorn in December, the month longs for more grounding energy, which the stone tanzanite brings. Found on the towering heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro, this birthstone is prized for its intense colour.

Discover birthstones at H Samuel

Above all, birthstones offer true beauty. With their historical past, vibrant shades and dazzling finishes, gemstone jewellery is the perfect way to inject instant interest into any look – whether you mix and match for a layered vibe or wear them solo. Ready to start browsing? Check out the full collection of birthstones online at H. Samuel.