Diamond Engagement Rings in a Pink Jewellery Box

10 Mistakes Your Jeweller Wants You to Stop Making

Nothing brings an experienced jeweller out in a cold sweat like seeing these after-care faux pas. If you want your jewellery or watch collection to last a lifetime, make aftercare a priority and get in-the-know on exactly how to care for your jewellery and what to avoid...

24 February 2020 H.Samuel - Editor

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If you are staring at a jewellery box full of tangled chains and tarnished pieces you are probably committing some of these everyday jewellery errors. Those in the biz know that great after-care, regular cleaning and careful jewellery storage are the building blocks of a timeless jewellery collection. Taking Jewellery aftercare seriously will pay dividends when it comes to extending the life of your collection and keeping your diamond rings, watches and bracelets etc in great condition.

You cause damage with DIY jewellery cleaning methods

Rumour has it that Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor cleaned diamonds with toothpaste! Trust us, this is not a good idea. Jewellers regularly see damage to jewellery caused by DIY cleaning . Harsh chemicals can damage your jewels, so if in doubt on how to clean your jewellery, stick to warm water.

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Your Jewellery has NEVER Been cleaned

Nobody wants to wear grime covered jewellery. If you are wondering why your silver pieces have a pewter tinge or why your diamonds are flat and lifeless, they probably need a good old clean. You can get great advice and professional jewellery on how to clean your jewellery and which polishing cloths to use, from your jeweller.

If you can't clean your jewellery at home, make sure to take them to the experts. Some gemstones can be irreparably damaged by steam and ultrasonic cleaning methods, so it is vital to get it right.

You Swim and Shower in Your Jewellery

Soap scum, chlorine and saltwater residue can build up on your jewellery over time. Do your jeweller a favour and take off your favourite pieces before you jump in the shower or take a dip. You'll save yourself plenty of cleaning time too.

And don't think your diamonds are immune. Diamonds are famously hard, but that doesn't mean they can't chip if they sustain a blow. Don't risk it and take your engagement ring or diamond jewellery off before you do anything physical.

You Sleep in Your Jewellery

We've all had that moment when you wake up with a dead arm having slept on it for too long. Now imagine putting that sustained pressure on the mount of a precious pair of gemstone earrings, or the chain of a gold necklace? Over time this will weaken your jewellery and make it more prone to breaking.

You Wear Your Pearls First

Pearls (and other gemstones like opals) are the sensitive souls of the jewellery world. Keep them away from perfume, body lotions, hairspray and other chemicals. If there's one thing your jeweller wants you to remember, it is to put your pearls on last and take them off first.

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Your Jewellery isn't Stored Correctly

Jewellers can't bear the sight of a chaotic jewellery box. To keep your gold, silver, platinum and diamond or gemstone jewellery looking its best, store pieces in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. A box with a soft lining is ideal, as are individual cotton or felt pouches to stop your silver tarnishing. Store your diamonds, gemstones and pearls separately so they can’t knock together.

Don’t forget, pearls are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. If you are jetting off to the Sahara, you’d be better to leave them at home.

You Ignore That Damaged Setting

If you noticed a wobbly diamond claw six months ago and haven’t got around to getting it checked, what are you waiting for? Don’t risk losing a diamond or gemstone because of a weak setting that only worsens with time. Jewellers love to repair jewellery; all you need to do is take it to them.

You Have a ‘More is More’ Approach to Jewels

Over years, decades and generations all jewellery will experience some wear-and-tear. However, if your style is to wear multiple rings at once, oversized bracelet stacks and layered necklaces, you may be speeding up this process and creating daily damage. Avoid wearing your favourite treasures in ways where they knock other pieces, especially with more delicate gemstones and softer yellow gold. This will reduce the number of surface scratches and dents.

You’ve Never Insured Your Jewellery or Watch

Jewellers get to enjoy some of the most romantic moments of their clients’ lives, like engagements, wedding days and anniversaries. But there are also some sad moments too, especially when pieces are lost, stolen or gemstones go missing. Avoid the heartache by getting jewellery insurance. You may never be able to replace a beloved piece but knowing a replacement can be found will be a weight off your shoulders.

You’ve Never had Your Antique or Heirloom Pieces Valued

Do you know if the old-fashioned ring you inherited from your great aunt twice removed is worth anything, or is it hidden at the back of a drawer? Even if they are not your personal taste, heirloom and antique pieces are potentially very valuable and could be set with stones that can be upcycled into more modern, bespoke creations. Instead of keeping them hidden, let your jeweller tell you if they are drab or fab.

So, why not give your jeweller something to smile about by taking your pieces for a good deep clean? By using the aftercare services of a trusted jeweller with the right knowledge, your pieces will sparkle brighter and invite even more compliments. What's not to like?!