Girl with Newly Pierced Ears


So, you’ve been admiring some striking Disney earrings, or mystical Harry Potter earrings from afar. Or maybe after months’ of waiting, you’ve taken the plunge and had your ears pierced to wear some stunning sapphire blue stud earrings to your wedding anniversary party.

24 February 2020 H.Samuel - Editor

As you’ll know, our ear piercing Studio will have ensured licenced, safe and sterile piercing and provided hypoallergenic piercing earrings, which you will need to keep in for up to six weeks.

You’ve taken the first step. Now it’s time to think about how to look after your ears now they’ve been pierced.

How to Clean and Care for Newly Pierced Ears

The first few days and up to six weeks after you’ve had your ears pierced are when the healing process takes place. During this time it's important to keep your piercing nice and clean and healthy. Here are some tips to help you to do so.

Clean Your Hands

A simple and easy tip. Before you touch your piercing make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after. Just normal soap and water is great, and then dry your hands with a clean towel.

Keep the Piercing Clean

Another essential when how to care for newly pierced ears is to clean the actual piercing. This needs to be done at least three times a day. To remember, why not do this after you’ve cleaned your teeth, or after meals? We recommend you use the saline ear care solution provided by the piercing Studio. Dip a cotton swab or pad and lightly clean the area around the front and back of the piercing.

Rotate Your Earrings

Newly pierced ears heal better if you rotate the earrings on a regular basis. When you clean your piercing, use this time to also gently rotate the earring slightly. Do this when your skin is moistened with the ear care solution so that all is kept supple.

Go Easy with the Sprays and Cosmetics

Your new piercing likes to breathe fresh air. So, if you can, try and keep your piercing away from hair care and cosmetic products, such as hairspray, shampoo, perfume and make-up. If you do get a little bit on your ears, clean them straight away with the saline solution.

Avoid Knocks and Bumps

When it comes to how to care for newly pierced ears, avoiding knocks and bumps goes without saying. Simply go easy when doing daily activities, such as brushing your hair and getting dressed. Perhaps swap polo necks for other jumpers so you don’t catch your earrings in your clothes. Feeling sporty? Maybe give team games and Rugby a miss for a while or wear a protective sports tape or plaster over your piercing to keep things nice and safe.

Heal Swimmingly

Wondering how long until you can get into a pool? We recommend waiting around six weeks until your piercing has healed nicely before taking the plunge in the swimming pool, sea and hot tub.

Keep Them In

After all the excitement of having your ears pierced, you’ll want to make sure that the piercing heals nicely, yet doesn’t close up. This means you should keep your earrings in. In the first six months, we recommend you don’t go without your earrings for longer than 24 hours.

Be the Infection Detective

What you certainly don’t want is an infection. Sometimes, despite all best intentions, you may have a reaction to your piercing. We suggest you keep a close eye on things for a few weeks, so you can nip any issues in the bud as soon as possible. If you notice any redness, burning sensation, pain, tender or swollen skin, discharge with an unpleasant odour, or ongoing itching around the piercing, please seek medical advice from your GP straight away.

What Earrings Should You Wear After a Piercing?

When you first have your ears pierced, you will be given piercing earrings, which will have to be kept in for a minimum of six weeks (or in the case of cartilage piercing up to 12 weeks). Whilst it may be tempting to wear the earrings you’ve been promising yourself for ages, it’s not advisable to wear anything but your piercing earrings until things have healed nicely.

Once the time is up and all is well, you can swap to some gorgeous light stud earrings for around six to twelve months. Keep those stunning drop earrings for a little bit longer if you can.

That’s it on how to care for newly pierced ears. Are you ready to get your ears pierced, or know someone who is? Why not book an ear piercing appointment at H.Samuels today? Recently purchased some earrings and want to find out more on how to clean them. Take a look at our Earring Cleaning: The Ultimate Guide