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August Birthstone, Go Green with Envy for Peridot

August Birthstone, Go Green with Envy for Peridot

This unassuming green gemstone is ready for its moment in the spotlight. Choose luscious green peridot for a zesty, sunshine-inspired dose of jewellery happiness.

24 February 2020 H.Samuel - Editor

Peridot is the birthstone for August, although with its vibrant green colour you'll be forgiven for thinking it's a springtime gemstone. Peridot gemstone jewellery has long been the go-to choice for unique, individual and think-outside-the-box characters. Why? Because peridot is one of the few coloured gemstones that only comes in one colour. It is all about shades of green!

The name peridot is thought to derive from the Arabic word 'fairdot', which translates to 'gem'. It is available in all shades of green, from pale yellowish-green to a deep brownish-green, but the best peridot gemstones are a bright grass green - just like looking out across a field on the perfect summer day.

Throughout history, peridot gemstone jewellery has been worn as a talisman of happiness, good luck and prosperity. Peridot gemstones are also fabled to calm anger, conquer fear and protect their wearer from evil spirits. If you need a jolt of confidence to get over a hurdle in your life, a pair of peridot earrings or a peridot necklace is definitely worth a try.

Don't be fooled by peridot though... it's a fiery gemstone with lots of oomph. It has only made its way to the earth's surface thanks to intense volcanic eruptions and it is typically found in ancient lava beds. Also, it's a little bit extra-terrestrial and has been found inside meteorites that have crashed to earth.

Peridots were first found off the coast of Egypt and were adored by the ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians. Cleopatra famously loved green gemstones, and although many were emerald, she also had a love of peridots. In fact, the ancient Romans called peridot gemstones 'the evening emerald'.

Peridot is a special gemstone, which means it needs to be treated with care when set in jewellery. If you're wearing your finest peridot ring, peridot necklace or peridot earrings for a special night out, just remember to spray your perfume and hairspray first. Peridot gemstones should be your very last adornment to keep them safe.

If you want to express what makes you unique, there's little better than the vibrant green colour of peridot jewellery. This green gemstone is ancient, powerful, individual, unusual, bright, happy and confident all at one... what's not to love?!