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Wedding Ring Settings Guide

Similar to engagement ring settings, you have several options to consider for your wedding ring too. From stone-set to patterned, plain or grooved, you have a fair few choices available to complete your wedding set.

Plain or patterned & grooved

For some people, their engagement ring is the star of show; so they opt for a simpler wedding band to sit with it. Plain wedding rings can offer a polished, sleek and classic look to your wedding jewellery.

Alternatively to simple, plain bands, there are a stylish range of patterned wedding rings to complete your set. Patterns can range from straight grooves, to more feminine floral patterns for an individual style. For a vintage twist, some rings incorporate intricate milgrain detailing and diamond cuts if you want something with more of a traditional look and feel.

Stone-set wedding bands

Many people go for extra sparkle and choose additional diamonds to complement their engagement ring. Typically, you’ll be looking at bands with a greater number of smaller diamonds, perhaps in a channel or pavé setting. Of course, the total carat weight will determine how much you spend, and it’s never a bad idea to set a budget prior to jewellery shopping.

Coloured Gemstones:

Many couples find themselves leaning towards traditional white diamonds for their stone-set wedding rings, but colour diamonds or contrasting gemstones are becoming a very popular choice for wedding rings, so don’t be afraid to explore the options. A combination of diamonds and coloured gemstones will look beautifully creative and make your band suit your personal taste. Wedding bands that are set with your birthstone can be an even more personal and unique choice.

Enhancer rings

Solitaire engagement ring enhancers are designed to work with your existing engagement ring seamlessly. Enhancer rings place your special engagement ring in a more glamorous setting, so together they’ll end up looking like one single, fabulous ring.

Many people choose enhancer rings with the same colour metal as their engagement ring for a coordinated and cohesive effect however, this isn’t mandatory. Many women choose to mix yellow and white gold, for a striking, contrasting appearance. Mixing metals such as gold and silver however, doesn’t usually work so well, as silver requires more frequent cleaning. It’s also best to avoid mixing harder metals like platinum with soft gold as it can scratch, dent or damage it.

Most people that admire this style opt for a bridal set, with an engagement ring and wedding band that are designed together to look as one.

Style & Comfort

When you shop for wedding rings or enhancer rings, consider the level of comfort as well as appearance. It’s likely you’ll wear your wedding jewellery everyday so you’ll want to ensure you can move your fingers comfortably and go about your daily business and enjoy wearing both rings together.

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