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Style Considerations

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Wedding rings come in all shapes, sizes, styles and settings! You can choose from a variety of radiant metals, sparkling diamonds, precious gems, bridal sets and matching bands so there’s a lot to think about! Don’t panic, once you know the basics, your wedding ring shopping experience will be easier than you anticipated.

To match or not to match? That is the question

For ladies

If the engagement ring has yet to be purchased, you can look into buying a bridal set, which is a matching engagement and wedding ring. A bridal set will leave you with two gorgeous rings that are designed to match perfectly and sit comfortably together. It will also save you two shopping trips – bonus!

If the engagement ring has already been bought, you don’t need to panic about finding a matching wedding band. Just keep in mind that the two rings should complement each another and we’d recommend sticking to the same metal (to avoid scratching) and style of your engagement ring setting so the bands sit comfortably together.

As a couple

How you want to coordinate your wedding bands together is completely down to personal choice. If you and your partner want a similar style of rings, then matching your rings is the ideal choice. You could opt for something plain or simply patterned maybe a similar style but in different widths to suit different sized hands.

Wedding sets also known as ‘trio-sets’, include a bridal set and a matching band for him too! But if you both prefer different metals, metal colours or styles, there’s no harm in having contrasting rings.

Consider the metal choice for his band

Her engagement ring is often chosen to suit her style and takes into account her existing jewellery and lifestyle. These are most often delicate styles in traditional metals, but there are a range of alternative metals that are popular for men’s designs as they are hard wearing and durable. These often come in darker, more masculine shades of grey or silver tones. Their durable nature makes them less likely to tarnish, perfect for someone who uses their hands a lot or has a physical, or manual job.

However, these metals are not commonly used for ladies styles as they are not the best setting for diamonds and gems. The groom may favour tungsten, titanium, cobalt or other alternative metals for ultimate strength and style.

Talk to your jeweller about the following choices:

  • Choosing the same stones or mixing in coloured diamonds or gemstones.
  • Keeping the metals the same (platinum and platinum; rose gold and rose gold) or the best way to mix metals to avoid damage.
  • Choosing a wedding band that stands on its own that contrasts with the engagement ring instead of merging. This is a creative idea that will really express your personal style.

Some brides either prefer wearing their wedding band alone or need to for work, so a style you love that looks beautiful without the engagement ring is worth considering.

Whatever you decide to go for, you’re not limited by any means and whether you choose to match your engagement ring and wedding band, or even match your styles as a couple, is up to you. When shopping for rings gets a little stressful, keep in mind that exchanging the wedding rings is an unforgettable moment. There’s no right or wrong, so relax, enjoy the experience and choose a wedding rings you’ll treasure forever.