Insurance Cards

If you have received one of our eInsurance or physical cards you can use it to make full or part payments on items from H.Samuel both online or in store. Your card(s) may be used along with other payment methods.

How to use your eInsurance card

An Insurance card may be used as part or full payment on merchandise both online or in store at H.Samuel. For online purchases you will be asked on the Payment Details page in checkout if you have an Insurance card, simply click the button within the cards section to enter your card number (19 digits) and your pin number (8 digits). The payments will be taken from the card(s) in the order that you enter them on the payment page. You can use up to 2 card combinations per order.

Checking your eInsurance card balance

The initial balance value will be displayed on your eInsurance card certificate sent to your email address or on the letter you received with the physical card. If you have any queries relating to the current balance please click on the link below

For all other enquiries about your card, please contact the customer services team or speak to a representative at store.

Full Insurance card terms and conditions

The balance on the Insurance card can be used for purchases at H.Samuel stores and online in full or part payment.

A number of different expiry dates exist for the Insurance card, the expiry date for your card will be on the letter you received with the physical card or underneath the eInsurance card image if emailed.

Insurance cards may not be exchanged for cash or other vouchers.

No change will be given when an Insurance card is used to purchase goods or services but the balance may be applied to future purchases.

As we do not collect information about Insurance card customer transactions, we cannot replace or reimburse the value of the card if that value has been removed due to being lost, stolen or damaged. If your card is lost, stolen or damaged you should contact the customer services team or speak to a representative at store immediately.

The Insurance card can be spent on any goods or services online only up to the value held on the Insurance card.

The Insurance card is not a cheque guarantee, credit, debit or charge card.

You can use your card for part or full payment on any purchases and in conjunction with Nationally advertised discounts and offers, but not in conjunction with any locally negotiated discounts.

H.Samuel reserves the right to amend the terms applying to Insurance cards at any time. Any such change and action to be taken as a result will be given in advance by notices in all H.Samuel stores.