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What Your Jeweller Wants You To Know About Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a sign that you’ve tied the knot, but they can also be a chance to show off your stylish personality. Make the best choice with our top wedding band advice.


Wedding rings have been exchanged between couples since the Ancient Egyptians (no, seriously!) and they are one of the ultimate symbols of love and commitment. The most traditional wedding rings are sophisticated and slimline bands of yellow gold, but just as diamond engagement ring trends have changed so too have wedding ring trends.

Finding your wedding bands is an exciting experience for all couples so it is crucial to go armed with some expert advice. Here’s what your jeweller wants you to know before you hit the wedding aisle.

There are No Rules

Wedding rings are about you and your partner… that’s it! Choose what captures your attention and expresses a little bit about who you are. Traditionally, wedding rings were chosen as a matching pair with the same precious metal colour and finishing. Today, couples are more adventurous and choose what works for them. If there’s one thing your jeweller wants you to know, it’s that finding your wedding rings is totally up to you.

Don't Just Guess your Ring Size

Comfortable wedding rings are essential as you will be wearing them every day. Jewellers know the importance of measuring your fingers and working with you to find the perfect fit. We have all the tips on how to measure your ring size, but as a general rule, the wider the ring the tighter it fits on your finger, so you may need to size up. Plus, resizing diamond wedding rings can be challenging, especially if you choose a fully set diamond wedding ring, so it is important to get it right first time.

Make a Timeless Wedding Rings Choice

You will (hopefully!) be wearing your wedding rings for decades, so no matter what you choose, make sure it has timeless appeal. You don’t want to look down at your ring finger in 30 years and regret your overly trendy choice. Your jeweller will help you find the right balance between style, comfort, elegance and personality in your wedding rings as part of a bridal jewellery consultation.

Be Inspired by your Engagement Ring

Perhaps you have a beautiful diamond halo engagement ring, or a sapphire cluster style diamond engagement ring? Your commitment ring is the perfect place to turn for inspiration when buying your wedding rings. Some diamond engagement rings have settings that will suit a more slimline wedding ring, or you may choose to match or clash the precious metal colour. Your jeweller will want to look at your engagement ring to make choosing your wedding rings easier.

Discuss the Benefits of a Shaped Wedding Ring

Shaped wedding rings are especially designed to fit around your engagement ring, like two sparkling jigsaw pieces. If your engagement ring has an elaborate setting, such as a diamond halo engagement ring or a vintage rectangular or emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, your wedding ring might not sit flush to your engagement ring. Your jeweller will be able to present options for shaped wedding rings and perhaps even a completely bespoke wedding ring so it connects perfectly.

Consider the Precious Metal

Yellow gold is a radiant choice for wedding rings, but there’s a decision to be made 18ct or 9ct yellow gold. 9ct yellow gold is tougher than 18ct gold, but 18ct gold has a richer and warmer yellow tone. It’s all about choosing what works best for you and your budget.

White gold is also a lovely choice, but this metal can lose some of its bright silvery lustre over many years and will eventually need refreshing by your jeweller. If you regularly work with your hands or want hard-wearing wedding rings, you may prefer platinum, palladium or titanium. They have the same silvery-white colour but at varying price points. There are positives to all the different precious metals, so your jeweller will want to hear about your lifestyle to find out what suits you best.

Add Extra Sparkle with Diamonds

Your jeweller will be able to show you a sparkling array of diamond wedding bands. Half set diamond wedding rings have diamonds on the top, but none on the underside, while full set wedding rings are covered in diamonds all the way round. Diamond wedding rings are a beautiful choice to add impact to solitaire diamond engagement rings, but they work equally well with clashing diamond cuts against trilogy diamond engagement rings and fancy cut diamond engagement rings.

Don’t forget, there are plenty of diamond engagement ring styles for men too. A bezel-set solitaire diamond wedding band is a practical option for men, while a wedding band with one or two diamond set channels adds a bit of bling to big hands!

Select your Wedding Ring Finish

Your jeweller won’t just show you different metal and diamond options, but different style and finish wedding rings too. There are two tone metal wedding rings with combinations of white and yellow gold, engraved wedding rings, and wedding rings with highly polished and ‘satin’ or matte areas for a striking look. Some wedding rings have deep engraved lines to add depth and dimension… and this is just in the gents wedding rings! Women’s wedding rings can be vintage, contemporary, modern or classic, with diamonds, fancy diamond cuts, sparkling twists, creative shapes, unusual textures and more. Your jeweller will show you that the world is your oyster.

Get your Wedding Rings Insured

Jewellers don’t want to see their customers return a few months later when their precious wedding rings have gone missing or get lost. With jewellery insurance, you may not be able to get the exact same ring back, but knowing a replacement is available will be a weight off your shoulders.

Remember, the perfect wedding rings are all about you. Enjoy the process of finding your wedding rings and hit the shops together. You never know what will express your relationship best.

Still Unsure?

At H.Samuel, we offer a bespoke service where you can Create Your Own wedding or engagement ring. It's all about you and your partner. If you aren't sure where to start, book an appointment in-store or online and one of our experts will help you find your perfect match.