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Whether you pop the question, the cork or do a potluck with your galantines, celebrate all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day -whatever your relationship status. From sentimental signs to spiritual stars, here’s our top V-Day gift picks, for your GOAT (including a healthy dose of hearts, naturally).


Valentine’s Day is a lot like New Year’s Eve – you’re pressured to find something to do and someone special to do it with. But the truth is, 14th February shouldn’t be something you dread if your relationship status is single. Instead, we like to think of it as an excuse to give ourselves a little self-love and celebrate all the relationships in our life – not just the ‘one.’

So, this year, to take away the hassle and the heartache, we’ve rounded up our favourite jewellery pieces for everyone, no matter how (or who with) you’re celebrating. Want to show solidarity among besties? Try accessorising with witty nameplates (the necklace of the season, btw ). Popping the question over a romantic V-Day dinner? Keep it real with a diamond engagement ring. If you prefer to play it casual, glo-up your sweetheart neckline with a sentimental symbol or two (hearts or otherwise). And for those who want to skip the traditional motifs all together, go for coloured gemstones with spiritual meaning (and total style). Of course, all these make for the perfect gifts, too. Ya know? Just in case you’re looking.

So, whether you’re in a relationship, single or it’s complicated, get inspired by our very best V-Day picks that prove love, really is, all around. And remember: You can’t buy love. But you can buy these.

For the bestie

Like a laundry list of other ‘90s trends, nameplate necklaces are trending. Case in point: Kendall, Gigi, and Kaia (not to mention OG Carrie Bradshaw). If you haven’t got in on personalised necklaces, now’s the time to jump on the bandwagon. Rather than swapping DIY friendship bracelets (just us?), be like ‘KenGi‘ or ‘CaKe’ and literally spell out exactly what they mean to you. Short and sweet. Like a tweet.

Think of these as the modern update to show squad spirit. Label up for boyfriends, girlfriends, besties and baes. And yourself of course. Take the look a ‘90s step further with a tank top and low-rise denim.

For the star-crossed lovers

Feel-good jewellery is always a winner at this time of year: The celestial and the symbolic provides some spirit-lifting tonic. And we’ve designed the Find Your North Star collection with exactly this in mind.

Look once for colourful gemstone appreciation, and twice for a full hit of talismanic star power that is instantly recognisable. Taking its cue from the sky’s most famous luminary, the collection is made to be worn and layered together. Featuring interstellar designs and a starred talisman that gives a sense of guidance and protection to its wearer. After all, who doesn’t want a little extra good juju while navigating life (and love)? All set in 18ct gold vermeil, the pieces include a mix of semi-precious stones, that come with meaningful sentiments. Thanks to their spiritual nature (and a welcome dose of colour), porcelain mother-of-pearl, lush malachite and lustrous sodalite add a powerful pop, while promising to boost your wellbeing, calm your nerves or bring you luck. Plus, there’s lockets and with the secrets these can hold you’ll be quite the talking point – especially as they can be easily mixed and layered with other pendants from the collection (and nameplates, for that matter).

For the heart’s desire

Heart pendants ruled the early aughts, so get ready for another time warp. They’re making a comeback, conveniently, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Hearts have been big news in the fashion world for a minute now, appearing in not just the clothing world but in accessories, too – and especially when it comes to jewellery (in fact, they never really went away). So, lucky for all the gift buyers out there, we do hearts really, really well.

From necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, there are so many ways to make the heart-shaped jewellery trend your own right now. Of course, the best part is that the shape will always be meaningful, so you (or a lucky Valentine) will always want to hold on to it. Keep scrolling for heart pieces that you’ll absolutely, appropriately love. We’ve even included a Faith, Hope and Charity pendant, where £10 of every necklace purchased will go to Young Lives Vs Cancer to support young cancer patients and their families.

For those looking for a sign

Have heart-shape motif fatigue? We’ve got a remedy for that. As jewellery experts and lovers of anything sentimental, we’re self-confessed pendant obsessed (try saying that after a few) – especially stand-out symbols. A must-have for any fashion-person starter pack, a statement sign (no matter how small) shows up in every great outfit photo that’s on our feeds, and with pieces this versatile, it’s not hard to understand why.

While a statement alone, these can be easily mixed and layered with your favourite delicate pendants (or lockets). The key is to go with ones embellished with diamonds. Because why not? Floating our boat this season (and that happen to be a calm in the middle of a heart motif tornado) is simple signs like circles, kisses and infinity symbols. Scroll down for presents perfect to turn on the charm.

For the big question

Valentine’s Day means we should brace ourselves for our feeds to be hijacked by pearly white grins; giddy tear-stained cheeks; and endless, endless close-ups on diamond-laden, left hand, fourth fingers. In an age of jumbotron-style proposals (looking at you Kim-ye), everything is on show for us to nosily scroll – including the ring.

So, if you’re planning the #SheSaidYes moment this V-Day, the ring needs to be on point – whether that’s a larger-than-life-diamond or a vintage-inspired cluster. But one last thing – do insist they get a mani – they’ll thank you later (frosted tips are particularly on-trend rn, plus it won’t take away from the main attraction).

For him

Struggling with what to get for the man or men in your life for Valentine’s Day? You’re not the only one. Luckily, Connell’s necklace and Harry Styles in pearls was just the beginning. Much to our delight, the best men’s jewellery has been evolving. There’s so much more to pick from than a chain necklace or a leather wrap bracelet—and even those have got better if that’s still your fancy. Think stones, colour, mixed materials, and wait for it…a bit of sparkle (that says more Timothée Chalamet; less Mr T).

Whether it’s your hubby, the dad in your life, your crush-of-the-day, boyfriend, yet-to-be-labelled new relationship, or even a friend finding the right gift for a man can be hard. Don’t worry, he doesn’t have to be Harry Styles to pull these off. We’re thinking: off-the-cuff links, street-style chains and rings to up his jewellery game. All worthy of gifting, scroll to see what we mean.