Engagement Ring Trends: Fad or Future-proof?

Fashion trends and engagement rings might not seem like two things that go together – the first is fleeting, while the second is about, well, forever. But, sometimes, we all need inspo, so we couldn’t help but wonder: For something meant to last a lifetime, should engagement ring trends be a thing?


Confession time: We pretty much always have rings on the brain. But there’s more to it than ogling carat sizes and stone shapes. Ultimately, you should find the engagement ring that you love the most. But in a world driven by TikTok videos and Instagram reels, it’s difficult not to get sucked into the latest fad, phase or flavour – especially if the choice is overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.

Which is why, we think, looking at the most popular ring trends is so useful. There could be styles, cuts, gems, and metals you might not have seen or thought about. You might realise that a classic princess-cut diamond ring isn’t your style, and a larger-than-life cluster is. What’s classic to you, might be out-of-date to someone else.

So, just like that we’ve found ourselves brushing up on the most popular engagement ring trends for 2022. On a scale of not to hot, they’re on fire. So, whether you’re aiming for a 14-piece collection like VB (we can all dream) or just in need of inspiration, keep scrolling for everything you need to know to find your perfect match.

The Perfect Pear

Perhaps it’s the celebrity effect or maybe the need to be more playful post pandemic, but there is one dazzler that’s winning our hearts right now – and it takes on the shape of our favourite fruit. Oval move aside.

There’s a new stone on the block. That’s right, pear-shaped engagement rings are having a minute and there’s a reason why (and it’s not just the Bella Thorne effect):

The cut masks imperfections, and it makes your finger look longer, meaning you don’t need gobstopper diamonds for high impact – unusual placements and coloured stones can set your ring apart.

Colour reigns supreme, particularly greens and purples. Even the metal choice can help the pear pop in its setting: white gold makes the stone appear like its floating, while yellow gold is perfectly matched with said-mentioned green stones.

Perfect Match 

Bridal sets are having a major comeback, thanks in most part to the ring stacking trend that’s been around for a minute now. Celebrities like Kelly Clarkson recognise the benefits of such a style – her enormous halo engagement ring is paired with a diamond wedding band, which is curved to fit perfectly around the massive rock. We love this more-is-more trend because it means you can easily wear a fancy-shape diamond without worrying that the wedding band won’t fit flush against it. Scroll for the sets that are perfect for seamless stacking.

Heavenly Halos

If it ain't broke... Not all great styles are new.

Halos are the vintage-inspired design that just keeps on giving.

Cut so that they catch the light at all times for an always-on sparkle, they’re a fave of celebrities – Bella Thorne, Cardi B and Mary-Kate Olsen included.

In fact, Bella’s obligatory Instagram announcement snap is appropriately captioned ‘You would have said yes too’; because who could say no her staggering new pear-shaped halo? (Two trends in one there, well done Benjamin).

What sets this style apart? It’s all in the details. Intricate designs meet Downton Abbey flair. Plus, the design means the stones can be put in secret places for unexpected sparkle.

Like Bella knows, you can’t go wrong with this heirloom quality ring. 

Something Blue (And New)

While a princess-cut diamond is a girl’s best friend. Coloured gems – more specifically blue tones – are coming a close second. Often used as side stones on halos, gemstones usually play a supporting role – and play it well. So, when people – and specifically celebrities – call up blue stones to play the main role in their engagement rings, we pay attention. Nope, the Kate Middleton effect hasn’t worn off yet, but it’s definitely changing. Sapphires are still going strong, but other shades of blue are creeping up the trend ladder – think topaz and aquamarine – oh, and more unusual shapes make this trend more modern. Pear or square halos are topping our list.

Not So Mellow Yellow

Thanks, in part, to Meghan Markle’s three stone yellow gold engagement ring the vibrant metal is as popular as ever: it really does have the most flattering hue and works on all skin tones.

So, whether you’re into what’s current or not, it’s interesting to see what’s trending just in case you come across something you might not have thought about.

Case in point: yellow gold.

Make it modern with hidden accents for a playful touch – secretly placed diamonds are major (like on the Forever Diamond bands), so you can nail two trends with one ring.

Created By You

The biggest trend in engagement rings right now? Unconventionality. Couples are forging their own path, keen to do things differently to their parents, and are now popping the question in unique style – by designing their own engagement rings.

What makes a ring the one for you? It may seem obvious, but it’s the one that reflects your personal style – the one that says it’s for you, without saying it’s for you. So, if you prefer to write your own rules, then our style experts can help you design and create your own unique ring. As let’s be honest, we all love the idea of having something so personal to us that nobody else has – especially when it comes to something as special as an engagement ring. At our in-store design bar, you can build your ‘yes’ ring by selecting the perfect stone, cut, setting and budget for you. Book your design appointment today.