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Wedding Jewellery


Whether you’re leaning towards elegant pearl wedding jewellery, you’re keen to add a pop of colour with gemstones, or you love the coordinated look of jewellery sets, you’ll find all the wedding jewellery ideas and advice you’ll need in this handy guide.



From the dress or tux to the venue and the flowers, we know there is a daunting number of decisions to make. However, by following these wedding jewellery tips and ideas, finding those perfect finishing touches is something you’ll be checking off your list in no time.


Your wedding dress or suit is the undisputed star of the show - and so it should be! Therefore, we suggest you buy it first and then shop for jewellery to complement and enhance it. You may have a clear idea of the style you expect to be wearing, but many people end up choosing designs that are very different from what they’d initially imagined. So, even if you have your heart set on a certain look, it’s best not to jump the gun. After all, you don’t want to buy a statement necklace and then fall in love with a halter or asymmetric neckline that it just wouldn’t suit.

Wedding Jewellery
Wedding Jewellery

You’ll want to show off your wedding attire at its brilliant best, so be mindful not to overpower it with too many statement pieces. When it comes to wedding accessories, we’d advise going for an elegant, understated, and totally timeless look, ensuring you’ll still love it when reminiscing over pictures in years to come.


Just like your partner, your love for your wedding jewellery is something that should last a lifetime. And whilst your wedding dress or tux may only get the one outing, you should be able to enjoy your jewellery time and time again. Therefore, we recommend choosing a style you know you’ll get a lot of wear out of. Popular options for brides include tennis bracelets, diamond pendants, pearl necklaces, dazzling diamond stud earrings, and stylish wedding jewellery sets. Men’s choices include cufflinks, a luxury watch, and the eternally on-trend chain necklace or bracelet.


If you are drawn to a less traditional style but have chosen a classic colour for your dress or suit, then adding a pop of colour through your jewellery is a contemporary way to liven up your outfit. From luxurious looking ruby jewellery to feminine morganite or trendy topaz, you’ll be spoilt for choice in the range of gemstone jewellery at H.Samuel. Sapphire wedding jewellery is an especially popular option, with many brides choosing to wear a stunning piece as their ‘something blue’.

Choosing a gemstone that matches the colour palette of your wedding and coordinates with details such as the flowers in your bouquet or your partner’s pocket square, can create a really stylish and complementary theme. Each gemstone also has its own spiritual meaning and qualities, such as rubies which symbolise love and passion, making them the perfect addition to anyone’s big day.


When it comes to what jewellery to wear with your wedding dress, the main factors to consider are the colour and style of your dress – and, of course, your personal taste. Here we’ll give you tips that’ll help you narrow down your options, but remember, these are just guidelines. It’s your big day, and what you choose should be a reflection of you. If you want to go for full wow-factor sparkle, then do it. Or, if you’d feel more comfortable with just some simple stud earrings, that’s exactly what you should wear. Ultimately, if you’re happy in your dress and accessories, your confidence will shine through.

Wedding Jewellery
Wedding Jewellery

Some precious metals look better with certain dress shades. For example, a silvery-white metal, such as white gold, sterling silver, or platinum, looks striking with a pure white wedding dress. Whereas dresses in ivory, off-white, or creamy tones better suit gold or rose gold jewellery. Diamonds, pearls, and coloured stones look stunning with all shades, but consider the precious metal the gemstone is set in when making your choice of design.


Another important factor that will influence your jewellery choice is the neckline and features of your wedding dress. As a general rule, a detailed gown, such as those with heavy beading or sequins, will look better with more understated jewellery. In contrast, a more minimalist dress or one in a less detailed fabric will look fabulous with statement pieces.

When it comes to necklines, dresses with a V, U, or plunging neck look fabulous with a pendant, locket, or string of pearls. If you really want to up the glam factor, opt for a chic and sparkling choker. For a high or detailed neckline, we recommend focussing on statement earrings, such as diamond drop designs, as a necklace can look a little busy. Or, for a sweetheart or strapless dress then a choker or shorter pendant, such as an 18” design, will be ideal.

Your hands will also be featured in many wedding photos, so lots of brides opt to add an elegant bracelet to finish off their look. A diamond or crystal tennis bracelet, bangle, or a gemstone design, are all popular options.


If you are planning to style your hair in an up-do, plait, or ponytail, then you might want to consider some drop earrings for an elegant and sophisticated style, or hoop earrings for a more bohemian look. Or, if you are wearing your hair down, some stud earrings or huggie hoops will perfectly round off the look.

Mens Wedding Cufflinks


When it comes to wedding jewellery, the husband-to-be should get to have some fun too!

As the groom will most likely be wearing a suit, wedding jewellery for men tends to be cufflinks and a luxury or designer watch.

You’ll find cufflinks in a wide range of styles, from modern rose gold and mixed designs to stunning vintage-look pieces. Some styles even come in a set with a matching tie clip.

Or, for an extra personal touch, you’ll find designs that can be personalised with a name or initials.

Stylish, sophisticated, and something that they’ll cherish for years to come, a luxury or designer men’s watch is the ultimate finishing touch to any groom’s wedding attire.

From statement sports-luxe designs to vintage-feel classics and collections from some of the world’s most sought-after designers, at H.Samuel you’ll discover an impressive selection of men’s watches to choose from.


If you’re a lover of the glamour and elegance of a bygone era, then vintage jewellery could be the perfect finishing touch to your big day look.

You’ll find a wide range of vintage look designs for both men and women at H.Samuel, including necklaces with intricate detailing, stunning earrings in a range of styles and stones, and bracelets and bangles that will be sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a piece of vintage jewellery as a family heirloom, it would make the perfect sentimental ‘something borrowed’.

Wedding Jewellery
Silver Wedding Earrings


As special and exciting as they are, we all know that weddings put a dent in most couple’s savings.

If you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed by it all and are looking for ways to economise but without compromising your big day, then silver wedding jewellery could be just the thing for you.

Not only does it look sleek and stylish and come in a wide range of designs, but sterling silver jewellery is also a very cost-effective alternative to white gold and other silver-toned metals.


Whether you’re going for a boho-chic vibe, channelling a vintage-inspired look, or you’re on the hunt for the perfect statement contemporary pieces, you’ll be spoilt for choice at H.Samuel. Our extensive selection of jewellery and luxury watches for ladies and gents ensures you’ll find the perfect piece to suit any taste or budget.

We know how important finding the perfect finishing touch to your wedding attire is and we hope this guide has given you all the wedding jewellery ideas you need. However, if you do have any questions or would like a helping hand to narrow down your options, book a free in-store or virtual appointment with one of our friendly experts, who’ll be happy to help.