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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Birthday Gifts

Whether it’s women’s gifts or birthday gifts for dad, we’re here with the ultimate gift guide to inspire you to find the perfect present. From gemstone jewellery to watches engraved with a personalised message, you'll find something for every landmark birthday celebration.


For over 150 years, H.Samuel has been helping you say it better with birthday gifts from our range of jewellery, watches and gifts. The one-stop shop for every birthday, H.Samuel continues to introduce new brands, trends and classic styles for all ages.

Birthday Presents for Every Age and Every Jewellery Lover

We have a wide range of men's gifts and birthday gifts for her suited to all budgets. Whether you're shopping for a sweet 16th or the big 50, we've created this guide for those milestone birthdays to give you great birthday gift ideas for that someone special.

Whether you’re looking for 50th birthday gifts, birthday gifts for him or 18th birthday gifts that celebrate them becoming an adult, you’ll find everything you want and need to know in this easy-to-follow guide. So have fun shopping; enjoy the guide and buy your jewellery confidently with H. Samuel.

16th Birthday Gifts

As far as sweet 16 gifts go, nothing will be treasured quite like 16th birthday jewellery that they can keep close as they mature. Most teens become to feel really grown when they reach sixteen. A personalised pendant with their name and age or birth date is a perfect gift for her whether she is heading to a party or having a chilled day with her besties. Alternatively, a beautiful personalised bracelet in striking silver or classic gold is something she’s sure to love. Bracelets and bangles are ideal for younger people as they’re less delicate and therefore less prone to breaking.

And the same can be said of rings. The gift of a beautiful birthday ring for his or her 16th birthday, perhaps inscribed with a meaningful message from parents will be treasured forever. Our rings for him include everything from gold and silver signet rings to darker metals and rings featuring diamonds and other precious gem detailing.

Shopping for 16th birthday rings for her? You’ll find a stunning range of Disney inspired jewellery and gold and silver rings featuring precious gems including emeralds, sapphires and rubies, not to mention a girl’s best friend - diamond rings.

Pearl Jewellery Set

18th Birthday Gifts

18th birthdays are special for everyone, it's a perfect chance to give a special gift or a piece of fine jewellery to mark the crossover into adulthood.

18th Birthday Gifts for Her

This extra special celebration deserves an extra special gift. We are of course talking diamond jewellery. Whether you choose a diamond necklace or a timeless matching jewellery set, she is guaranteed to fall in love with your special gift the moment that little black box clicks open.

Diamond earrings are always a safe bet, especially if you opt for a simple, classic pair of diamond studs that never go out of style. These are the gift that keeps on giving, a lifetime of sparkle from the moment she reaches adulthood.

18th Birthday Gifts for Him

Not to forget the guys, a special signet ring engraved with a personalised message for him will make a lovely 18th birthday gift for your son, partner or brother, something he’ll treasure throughout the years and perhaps even pass down to his own family one day.

Silver jewellery set

21st Birthday Gifts

As you turn 21, your tastes and personal style become much more apparent and it's a time you truly begin to feel like an adult. The perfect 21st birthday gift is something special that marks the occasion, something that suits their style down to a T, and celebrates their achievements so far as well as all that is to come.

Timeless and classic, a watch makes the perfect gift for a 21st birthday. Couple it with an engraved message and voila, you have the perfect gift that doesn’t need to break the bank. Think trusted, quality watch brands such as Sekonda and Citizen if you’re on a budget, or consider higher end brands such as Tissot, Michael Kors and Fossil if you want to splash out a little more.

Whichever you choose, our engraving service ensures their gift feels special and unique to them and gives them something to look back on many years down the line. This is especially poignant when treasured pieces are passed onto children and grandchildren.

21st Birthday Birthstone Jewellery

Birthstone jewellery is the perfect pick on any birthday but for a 21st can be especially meaningful. Our Guide to Birthstones can help you if you’re looking for the perfect birthstone jewellery. If her birthday falls in April she’s one lucky lady, the birthstone of April is the diamond, and diamond jewellery never goes out of style and never fails to make the a person smile from ear to ear.

Silver necklace chains

30th Birthday Gifts

The gift you choose for their 30th birthday will very much depend on the stage they’re at in their lives. Some people in their thirties have followed the traditional path of 2.4 children, a nice house and long-term relationship. Others might be travelling the world and others living the single life, focusing on themselves and their work. So consider this when thinking of the perfect 30th birthday gift.

One likely commonality between all people in their 30’s – they’ve found their style and probably like the finer things in life. At this age you can normally afford to spend a little more on your jewellery, so when receiving a gift of jewellery for your 30th, you likely want something of the same (or better) quality you would buy yourself. Cheap and cheerful mightn’t cut it for a refined woman in her thirties, so consider precious gems such as pearls or perhaps a diamond ring to tie in with a 30th birthday proposal and make this birthday the most memorable yet.

40th Birthday Gifts

They say life begins at 40. Perhaps a lifelong love of a special piece of jewellery should start then too. 40th birthdays are a great opportunity to give a special gift that carefully considers the recipient's specific tastes and lifestyle. Coloured gemstone jewellery such as majestic rubies, regal sapphires and evergreen emerald jewellery are some of the world’s most precious gems and each has its own special meaning too. Why not pick one that represents the stage of their life or see whether their birthstone is one of the world’s most precious gems? In our collection you’ll find some stunning rings that can perfectly complement their existing jewellery collection. Ruby, emerald and sapphire rings can be bold and daring or a little more understated depending on their style and your budget.

Gold and silver rings

50th Birthday Gifts

By the age of 50, many people have defined their personal style. They have a clear vision of what is ‘them’ and have a jewellery collection specific to their taste.

When choosing 50th birthday gifts for her or him, don’t stray too far away from their comfort zone. Chances are, by their 50th decade they have tried a range of styles and settled on the one they love the most.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t add small twists of something different to complement their collection. Whether it’s birthday gifts for mum or your best friend, you can’t go wrong with the classics.

Go for Gold

Classic gold jewellery is back and shows no signs of leaving fashion houses around the world. Gold has seen a resurgence in recent years having been overtaken by silver and platinum for some time. But now the stunning shine and regality of gold is adorning hands, ears and necklines the world over and we are 100% here for it.

For those turning 50, there’s a likelihood that any gold necklaces, rings or earrings you choose will match the items already in their jewellery box. Add to and update their collection with dreamy pearls, perhaps a delicate pearl necklace or earrings or go bold with gold gemstone jewellery.

Gold jewellery featuring precious gems take the tradition of gold and add a gorgeous flash of colour. This is a look that’s both on-trend and traditional, so the jewellery box gets an update without straying too far from their chosen loo. Think regal sapphire jewellery, vibrant emerald jewellery or go bold with ruby jewellery that shines as bright as someone celebrating their 50th year.

If they’re a little more conservative or their lifestyle means they tend to keep their jewellery discreet, a simple pair of gorgeous gold stud earrings never miss the mark. They’re a classic that never go out of style, perfect from day to night, and go with any outfit choice. Pair gold studs with a delicate gold necklace and you’ll be golden in their eyes.

Citizen Eco-Drive watch

Birthday Gifts for Dad

We’ve touched on many jewellery gifts that can be purchased for your mum, sister, or other half, but dads and those who assume the role of dad deserve the very best too.

The type of gift you choose for your dad will depend on his personal taste. Some men love jewellery, certain pieces like men’s necklaces and bracelets for men have become very fashionable in recent years. For traditional dads, however, you can’t go wrong with a classic watch from our vast range of men’s watches.

From timeless leather strap watches to sleek stainless steel, the perfect watch for the dad in your life awaits. Whether you want fashionable and robust from brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and G-Shock or something classic like the watches you’ll find in our Citizen and Seiko collections, there’s a watch for every man.

For all the support he has given over the years, all the patience, DIY hacks and financial support, perhaps you could also engrave this special present with a message of thanks. Parents don’t do things with the view to getting praise, gifts or reward, they do it because their children mean the world to them, and it should be in every parent’s nature to want to look after their child.

But isn’t it lovely when someone thanks you for all you have done? A beautiful new watch with a heartfelt engraved message is guaranteed to remind him of your love and appreciation every time he looks at it.

We hope this birthday gift guide has inspired you on your search for the perfect birthday present for the person who means the most to you. For more gift inspo or to get eyes on our beautiful collection in person, why not book an in-store appointment where a member of our friendly team can help you on your hunt? They’ll ensure a dedicated one to one appointment to discuss your needs and find out more about the type of thing you’re looking for, ensuring you leave happy having found the perfect present.