Watch Care Guide

Watch Care Advice – Non Water Resistant

Nonwater-resistance care guide

Non-Water Resistant Watches

  • Avoid water damage to your watch. Check your watch's water resistance level in your manufacturer's instructions and adhere strictly to the guidelines given. Should water or condensation appear in your watch face, have it checked by a watch specialist.
  • Avoid leaving your watch in extreme temperatures as this can cause complications. Generally, extreme heat can shorten the battery life of a quartz watch and extreme cold can cause your watch to gain or lose time.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals, solvents and gases, which may cause discolouration, deterioration and damage to your watch.
  • Although most watches are, to a degree, shock resistant, do avoid extreme shock or impact to your watch.
  • Watches, including their straps, are best cleaned by using a soft cloth.
  • Check your manufacturer's instruction booklet for your watch servicing guidelines.