Watch Buyer's guide

Watch Buying Guide: How To Choose

In order to purchase a new watch with confidence, there are a lot of design factors worth considering. For example, understanding the range of different materials, case sizes and watch movements available will empower you to make the right choice.

Whilst buying a watch can be impulsive or a statement of your aspiration, style and identity, you really ought to get clued up about watches so that you can successfully shop your way through the huge array of timepieces available.

With such a huge amount of choice, understanding the design elements of a watch is the smartest way of ensuring that you find the perfect watch for you. The perfect addition to any outfit that can either complete your accessorised look, or stand alone as a stylish statement – enjoy finding your perfect timepiece!

Watch Funtion Guide

Function Guide

Learn the differences between watch functions, such as chronograph amd water-resistance and find the best watch as a gift or for yourself.
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Watch Materials&Components Guide

Materials & Components

Understand the differences between watch movements, such as mechanical and automatic and buy one as a gift or find a suitable one for your lifestyle.
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Watch Movements Guide

Watch Movements

Learn more about various watch movements, from mechanical to automatic and find the most ideal watch for yourself or for a loved one.
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Watch Care Guide

Care Guide

Find out how to make the most of your watches and ensure its long life with our guide on caring for your items to keep them in pristine condition.
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