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Materials – The Case

Materials and components Guide-The Case

The key function of the case is to protect the inner workings of a watch. Therefore, they are often made from hard-wearing metals such as stainless steel. This durable metal is ideal for watches since it resists tarnishing and discolouration, allowing the wearer to use their watch with confidence on a daily basis. For a lighter but equally durable alternative, why not explore titanium as an option for your watch.

Gold and platinum are also popular choices and set the standard for luxurious mens and womens watches. Whilst costly, platinum watches make the perfect heirloom as the naturally white dense metal doesn't change colour over time. In addition, it is hypoallergenic and can therefore be worn daily without irritation.

Ceramic (particularly white ceramic) have also become a favourite for women's watches thanks to its unique look and designer cachet. Plastic watches can often achieve a similar look at an affordable price.