WatchGuide Materials&Components-Bracelet or strap

Materials – Bracelet or Strap

WatchGuide Materials&Components-BraceletOrStrap

The band – a strip of leather, rubber, cloth or metal that attaches to the case and wraps around the wrist comes in two forms; a bracelet or a strap. Its material is another consideration when thinking about the right watch for you.

Bracelet Watches

Bracelets are made of interlocking links which can be added or removed in order to resize it to fit your wrist. These are usually made in the same material as the case – although this is not always true.

Strap Watches

Straps come in a variety of different materials including leather, fabric, rubber and plastic. These are easily adjusted to your wrist by changing the position of the buckle – like a belt. Sports watches often have a strap which is made from rubber or nylon as this is hardwearing and well-suited to tough outdoor conditions. Fashion watches are sometimes sold with more than one strap which can be changed to compliment a particular outfit. Alternatively, some brands offer a range of straps for sale so that wearers can personalise their watch according to their own style, or current trends.