Watch Materials&Components Guide

Watch Materials & Components Explained

Materials & Components

A watch can feature a number of materials; the case, band, strap, crystal and movement may all be made from different things. The materials used are arguably the most key design element of a watch and can completely change its look. However they may also effect the durability, longevity or performance of the watch, so you should carefully consider the materials used when choosing a timepiece.

Watch Materials&Components Guide-TheCrystal

The Crystal

Learn about the watch crystal - a clear cover that fits over the watch face, protecting the interior from dirt, scratches and other damage.
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Watch Materials&Components Guide-TheCase

The Case

The key function of the watch case is to protect the inner workings. Learn more about watch cases to find the best one for you or for someone special.
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 Watch Materials&Components Guide-BraceletOrStrap

The Bracelet or Strap

Learn the differences between a bracelet watch and strap watch to find the most suitable one for you or as a special gift.
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