Chronograph Watches

A chronograph is a watch that can be used as a stopwatch as well as for keeping time. Chronographs are ideal for anyone who enjoys training, running or going to the gym.

Chronograph watches feature a second hand with a flyback function which returns the hand quickly to zero, so you can start timing again. Simply press the start button to start the stop watch function and the second hand will start moving. Press stop to stop it and the reset button to activate the flyback and return the hand to zero.

Some chronographs have split timing. This is when a chronograph has two second hands - the main second hand and an additional one. Both hands move together, but the wearer can stop one of them whilst the other hand continues around the clock face. This is perfect for marking lap times or milestones on a route while you are training. Both will feature a flyback function to return them to zero.

Whilst a flyback is a technical function of chronograph watches, it can also appear as a design feature on non-chronograph watches.