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Timex Smart Watches

Discover the latest technology of Timex smart watches available for men and women at H.Samuel. For generations, Timex has devoted themselves to crafting time wear of the highest quality and precision. With 160+ years of watch craftsmanship, a new generation of hybrid smart watches providing tech utility has come into the market, equipped with the latest wearable technology to wirelessly connect to your Android or Apple iOS mobile devices.

Whether it’s for work, rest or play, the sophisticated technology will help you stay up-to-date on your emails, calls and text messages whilst monitoring your fitness goals and sleep metrics. Browse the Timex smart watch range at H.Samuel.

Introducing Timex IQ+ Move

IQ+ Move combines all the elements of an analogue watch, while discreetly housing sophisticated modern technology that tracks daily activity and sleep metrics. It’s a fitness band, incognito! The IQ+ collection combines modern technology with Timex’s trusted craftsman¬ship, giving you much more than just a watch.

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